5 Sure-Fire Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

5 Sure-Fire Signs Your Partner Is CheatingYou've spent months and even years with your partner and you think that your relationship is safe and you're heading to a happy marriage, and suddenly everything changes. Your partner behaves strangely and hides from you. Is that really cheating or have they got some kind of problems they don't want to share with you? Read these 5 sure-fire signs that your partner is cheating.

#1 Their appearance changes. Regardless of sex, cheating people start to pay more attention to their appearance. If you see that your partner has lost some weight or started wearing new clothes and watches the things they've never paid attention to, it's the first sight that there might be someone you don't know about.

#2 Their mood swings too fast. We all have our own ups and downs, but it doesn't mean that they become the reason for constant fights. When you see that you partner starts to look for any reason to have an argument with you or requires more privacy than usual, it's one of the sure signs that they are hiding something from you. Also watch for evasive answer to simple questions. When people have nothing to hide, they share information easily.

#3 Changes in their sex drive. Changes in your partner's sex drive is also one of the signs of cheating. People have different reactions, and it doesn't mean that your partner won't want to have any sex with you. It actually can be the other way round and your partner might want to have more sex than usually. Also the indicator that your partner is cheating is that they bring some new moves or desires into the bedroom and ask you to try things that used to be off-limits.

#4 They constantly hide something or themselves from you. When people lie, they try to hide the things that could prove that they are cheaters. For instance, if your partner isn't relaxed any more when you take their phone or use their computer, it's the sign that they might be hiding something. Also notice, that your partner will never leave their phone unattended. And by the way, spending half an hour in bathroom reading emails or surfing the Internet should make you think that your partner is cheating on you.

#5 New friends at work and more work responsibilities. Where do we spend the most time of the day? Surely it's not gym, it's work, so the first thing that cheaters make up to cover their lies is having a new colleague at work they like to hang with after the end of the working day, or adding some more responsibilities. Constant deadlines and extra work they need to do without any substantial changes in their salary and noticeable changes in their credit history is that something that you need to consider.

These are the main signs of a cheating partner, however, even these are not enough to accuse them. It may turn out, that your partner has been preparing a huge surprise for you, and you interpreted their behavior the wrong way! So don't make any accusations unless you can back them up.



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