Top 7 Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Top 7 Summer Activities for the Whole FamilyHot summer days are finally here! Kids are out of school and you can relax during the vacation. And now it's time to look for the best summer activities for the whole family, that will keep your kids entertained during the days. Check out these low-cost and even free fun summer activities ideas!

#1 Organize weekly picnics. Even if you're cut on budget and can't afford summer vacation, you still can enjoy summer. Take a blanket, pack some fresh fruits, cookies and lemonade, and go for a picnic. Whether you will be under one of the trees in your back yard or in a nearby park, it's up to you, but make sure, that you repeat this activity weekly. By the way, why don't you invite your friends with kids to join you?

#2 Explore new places. In case you want to travel, but you can't take long-distance trips, start exploring the neighboring cities and towns. Make a list of their museums, including parks and zoos, that you would like to visit, and make monthly or weekly trips. Have dinner in a restaurant after you've visited the museum and then go back home.

#3 Swap houses. We all wish to live in another place, and how much we're jealous, that our friends or relatives live somewhere else. But did you ever think, that your friends may also wish to live where you live? And in summer your dream may come true. If you have friends, who live in a city you'd like to visit, why don't you ask them to swap houses for a few days? You will save on vacation housing and these money can be used for entertainment!

#4 Camping. There's nothing new in camping, however, it's always popular. Sleeping under starts, roasting marshmallows on an open fire, what could be better? Camping is really fun for kids, so why don't you try it? Lots of families enjoy it!

#5 Start a family project. Summer holidays are long, and you can use this time for running your family project. For instance, it can be your family movie or a scrapbook on a baseball and even places you visit. The scrapbook will contain pictures and stories, and each member of your family can contribute.

#6 Gardening. Gardening is one of the low-cost activities that your kids can enjoy all summer. You can tell kids about the plants you grow and what they need to give beautiful flowers. And if you have berries and vegetables growing in your garden, then children can watch them ripening. Also tell kids about the weeds and how they affect your garden. By the way, give children watermelon and melon seeds to plant, you never know what may crop up!

#7 Host a family fun day. There's no need to wait for a special holiday for the whole family to enjoy. Start your own fun day and let every member of your family participate (you can also invite your family members from other towns). Make special treats and have different activities, like hide-and-seek, 3-legged races, Frisbee-throwing competitions or mid-distance race.



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