6 Ideas to Make Family Movie Night a Success

6 Ideas to Make Family Movie Night a SuccessFamily movie night is one of the best ways to relax on Friday night after a long working week. Pick up some interesting movies to watch with your spouse and kids and enjoy the show. But if you want to make this experience special, use these ideas to make family movie night a success.

#1 Choose movies and schedule the time. Family movie night can become your own tradition, that your spouse and kids will love, only if it's regular. So schedule the movie nights: every Friday or Saturday night or once in two weeks. Once you do that, keep to the schedule and don't cancel the nights! Also choose a bunch of movies that can be watched together. By the way, mix current releases with classic movies. You might be surprised, how your kids will love the golden oldies. The classic movies perfect for children include The Wizard of Oz, It's a Wonderful Life, Singin' in the Rain, Marry Poppins.

#2 Decorate the place. There's nothing special in your living room, where you will watch the movie, but if you decorate it according to the theme, everything will feel different. The choice of the decoration totally depends on what you're going to watch. Green color is great for Shrek, black cloth decoration with stars will be perfect for Harry Potter. If it's Tarzan, think of taking out all stuffed animals and having them around to watch the movie with you. Soft lighting is also very important, and you can use simple Christmas lights placed around the perimeter of the living room.

#3 Make special places. Comfortable places to sit in are also very important. While you feel great on sofa, your kids might want to sit on the floor. Pillows and sleeping bags work great. Even boxes can be turned into small cars for your children to sit in. Glue four black paper plates to two sides of the box to make wheels and draw other details with markers. A shoe box attached to the bigger box will be a tray for munchies and drinks.

#4 Cook some food. It's time to think, what you're going to cook for the family movie night. It can be popcorn with different flavors or popcorn balls. Ask kids to help you with pizza, french fries and even burgers.

#5 Schedule an intermission. Agree to have an intermission, when everyone will be able to go to a bathroom and take some more food without disturbing others. When everyone is back, make the lights dim again and go on with the movie.

#6 Discuss the movie. After the end of the movie discuss it with your children. They might want to learn more about the history of classic movies, or something else. Every movie teaches us something, so it's good to be sure, that you kids understand what was the idea behind the pictures on the screen.



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