4 Rituals Every Happy Family Should Have

4 Rituals Every Happy Family Should HaveTraditions and rituals are very important for every family, because they are the most remembered. Children grow up and get married, but even then they remember, how fun it was to spend time with their mom and dad, siblings and even extended family. Check out these 4 rituals that every happy family should have.

Every family develops their own traditions and rituals that can be really different. Holiday traditions are the best example to follow: decorating a Christmas tree, baking special heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day and making new costumes to celebrate Halloween. And we bet your family already does it, but since major holidays do not happen, let's say, every week, you lack these rituals in your everyday life. So now it's time to develop your own non-holiday rituals to make your family happy.

#1 Bedtime rituals. Children always remember things that happen constantly. Every night read your children bedtime stories, give a kiss and a hug. And it actually doesn't matter that you read the same book over and over and over. Your kids will remember this ritual as one of the best time of their childhood.

#2 Rituals for celebrating every success. The life seems boring, when all days look the same. You think that nothing special happens in your family, kids grow up, your spouse loves you and you love working in your garden. But you might miss little successes that any member of your family achieves. Don't you think, that your son's first “A” deserves recognition? Or your spouse's promotion? Or your own success at growing beautiful flowers in the backyard? Hang a flag on the frond door when you have something to celebrate, and use a special plate at the table to serve the dinner to the family member who deserves recognition.

#3 Unique birthday rituals. Birthdays are very important, that's why you need to celebrate them and have your own rituals. Baking a cake and blowing candles is really not enough, because everyone has this tradition. What you need, is a special ritual, that you can develop right now. For instance, that can choose a special birthday menu, or bake a cake with special flavor and even hang family's member shirt on a flagpole (or broomstick) to let the whole world know, that this person has birthday today.

#4 Greeting rituals. Greeting rituals are very simple, but you will follow them everyday you greet all your family members. The ritual may be as simple as giving a hug, but if you want something special, then you can rub noses for an “Eskimo kiss”.



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