5 Ways to Measure Your Divorce Risk

5 Ways to Measure Your Divorce RiskYou go to altar and eagerly say your vows and “I do's” dreaming of happy life till death separates you. However, many couples who seemed to be happy before marriage end up in divorce. Many things could go wrong and lead to this. However, psychologists can predict, whether the couple will divorce or not in future, because they know, what kind of information about them to use. Even if you're not a psychologist, you can measure your divorce risk right now.

#1 Parents' divorces. Did your parents go through divorce, when you were a child? If yes, then your chances to get divorced increase by 50 percent. You will never believe it, but your gender also influences on the chances of your divorce. Daughters of divorced parents have a 60 percent higher divorce rate, than the girls from the non-divorced families. The situation with sons of divorced families is much better, however, they have a 35 percent higher divorce rate. The risk goes even higher if your parents were divorced before you turned 10. During the first ten years your brain is formed and the things that you faced in the childhood are printed in your mind. So if your parents got divorced before you turned 10, you're 91% more likely to divorce yourself.

#2 Money. Money matters is surely one the most common reason for divorce. The couples where wife earns less than her husband are not likely to divorce. However, if 60 or more percent of the monthly family income is earned by the wife, the risk of divorce doubles. Also be careful, if you fight about money once a week. The couples who constantly have money troubles are 30 percent more likely to end in divorce than couples who have money fights not so frequently.

#3 Age gap. The couples, where the wife is older than the husband are more at prone to divorce than those, where the wife is younger. The chances of getting divorced are 53 percent higher at couples where wife is one to three years older than her husband. If the husband is two to ten years older than his wife, then the chances of divorce dramatically decline.

#4 Getting married too young or too old. The couples that got married too young and didn't have experience with other partners very often end up in divorce. However, getting married after 32 also increases the chances for divorce. Add 5 percent for each year you had to wait after you turned 32.

#5 Relationship with father. Children that were raised in full families and had very good relationship with their father are less likely to divorce. And those who were raised by a single mom or in families, where the father was very week, suffer as adults and they are not likely to build a happy family.

These are only the most common factors that can influence your family life. The risk also goes higher, if one of the spouses is an addict or smokes, you cohabitated before marriage. And now good news for you. The couples who have an annual income of more that $50,000 are 30 percent less at prone to divorce. Waiting till 25 to get married also decreases your chances by 24 percent for divorce and by 14 percent, if your parents are happily married. Have you attended college? Then you're also 13 percent less likely to divorce.



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