5 Causes of Stress in Marriage

5 Causes of Stress in MarriageEven if you love your spouse to bits, your marriage won't always be all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you'll face challenging situations and get stressed out. It is very important to endure these challenges together and not let them ruin your marriage. What are the main causes of stress in marriage?

Miscommunication. Even couples that have been together for years cannot read each other's minds. Sooner or later, miscommunication happens in any marriage. If you start behaving distant when you fail to communicate clearly with your spouse, your marrage will become really stressful. It is important that you talk to your spouse and discuss everything that bothers you to prevent misunderstanding in communication.

Money. Money is a very sensitive issue, so financial stress in marriage happens quite often. To prevent it, you need to discuss your family budget very thoroughly before even getting married. What are your spending habits and financial history? Are you going to have a joint bank account or maintain separate accounts? How much financial freedom will each of you have? What are you going to do if one of you loses their job? A money talk can be very uncomfortable, but you cannot do without it. When it comes to family budget, you can't just go with the flow.

In laws. When you get married, you acquire not only a husband/wife, but an entire new family. The process of merging your family with your spouse's family can be challenging, because there will be a whole new dynamic. Even if your in laws are nice people, the first few months or even years of your marriage when you're creating healthy boundaries and trying to figure out how to spend holidays can be quite stressful.

Sex. Sex is an essential part of most marriages. Sexual compatibility is as important as love, mutual respect and other aspects of a healthy marriage. Sexual frustration may lead to problems in marriage, so if you feel unsatisfied with your sex life, you need talk to your partner. A lot of sex columnists suggest that couples try new things in bed to reignite the spark, but we think you should talk first. Naughty surprises are great, but the problem might lie deeper than you think and sexy underwear or fuzzy handcuffs might be not enough to solve it.

Parenting. Being parents is tough because parenthood is a real challenge. Being parents can get overwhelming regardless of the number of kids you have and their age, because it takes so much time and energy. And being a parent isn't a job you can quit, you're stuck with your kids at least until they turn 18. All parents get frustrated, and sometimes they vent their frustration on their partner. It's the wrong thing to do. If you want to prevent stress in marriage, you need to be a team and support each other.



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