The Most Common Reasons for Divorce

The Most Common Reasons for DivorceEveryone thinks that marriage brings happiness, but after several happy (or may be not at all) years of married life you're striving for the divorce. You hate, afraid or just don't love your spouse any more, that's why divorce would become a relief, no matter how stressful it is. Let's see what are the most common reasons for divorce and check if you have alike problems with your spouse.

Lack of commitment. Many people never work to stay together, because they think, that the relations will go on this way always, or let their partner do all the job. However, lack of commitment really leads to divorce and it's actually the most common reason among divorced families.

Married for wrong reasons. You should marry the man or woman you love only when you know that this is the right person for you. However, if you see that there are some problems in your relations that make you stressed, then marriage won't solve them. Everybody expects you to live happily ever after, but it just won't work. The problems that have always been there sooner or later will make you feel miserable with your spouse, and it's a ticket to a quick divorce.

Infidelity. Did you think that infidelity would come first in this list? No, because adultery isn't the most common reason for divorce at all. Actually, it's lack of communication that people suffer most of all. And what concerns infidelity, about 50 percent of couples survive it and their marriage becomes even stronger. Of course, only in case that both of partners trust each other.

No intimacy. It's hard to stay romantic or sexual all the time, especially, if you don't have a day off, when you partner has, or you don't feel well. At some point intimacy disappears, and it goes away unnoticed. The couple will never notice it, until it's too late.

You were too young. Marriage in the teenage years is not very common, however, it exists. And nearly half of teenage marriages fail within 15 years. Notice, that only one third of couples who married in their twenties get divorced.

Unrealistic expectations. Many couples divorce because of their unrealistic expectations. For instance, many couples didn't think that they would argue so much, and their inability to solve the problems lead to divorce. Also trying to do something, that you don't want to, only for your partner's happiness, is a ticket to divorce. So when you're unhappy in your relationship, it's only your responsibility, your partner isn't obliged do anything.

Finances. It's not the lack of finances that leads to divorce, it's actually the lack of your financial compatibility. So you're a saver, while our partner is a spender. You want to have your own house, while your partner thinks only about gambling or hitting the town. Two different financial behaviors will inevitably lead to divorce. And don't pretend that you didn't know your partner financial behavior. However, did you actually ask about it before getting married?

Domestic violence. Domestic violence is actually one of the common reasons for divorce, but the process is very hard for the victims. The abused partner wants to divorce, but the abuser never lets it. So, before starting the process, the victims should know that they are safe.



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