6 Reasons Why Your Spouse Should Be Your Top Priority

6 Reasons Why Your Spouse Should Be Your Top PriorityYou probably have a list of people that you care about the most that includes your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your kids, your best friend, etc. Sometimes it is very hard to split your time and attention evenly between all of them, so you have to prioritize. Here are 6 reasons why your spouse should be your top priority.

You chose them. You can't choose your parents, siblings, or children. You are supposed to love them unconditionally because they are you family no matter whether you like it or not. But you did choose to marry your partner. And you need to let them know every day that you don't regret your choice, that you still love them and want to be with them. Making them a priority will show to them that you're still willing to choose them above everyone else every day.

You committed yourself to them. When you were getting married, you promised in your wedding vows to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. And these vows aren't just words. You have made a commitment, so live out your vows on a daily basis. This means placing your relationship with your spouse as top priority.

Your relationship with your spouse affects your children. Both you and your spouse are your children's role models. If you want to make them understand that marriage is important, you need to show it to them. Putting your husband or wife first doesn't diminish the love you give your children. On the contrary, they are able to see the love you feel for each other, and it only makes your family grow stronger.

Your kids won't become self-centered. You love your children to bits, but if you are constantly making them your top priority, you may face some serious problems later in life. If you raise your children to believe that they are the center of the universe, they might grow up self-centered, egotistical brats who will have troubles adjusting to the real world around them.

It will help you in the future. If you and your spouse focus entirely on your children and neglect your relationship with each other, you will have troubles when they grow up and leave you. In the end, it's just going to be you and your spouse. Will you have something to talk about when you become empty nesters? Will you even be able to stand each other? You can't put your relationship on hold when your kids are born and pick it up where you left off when they grow up.

You need to be a team. In a strong and healthy marriage, both partners know that they can rely on each other when they face life's challenges. Your spouse is the person who will always provide support and consolation, but you need to do the same for them. When your marriage isn't your top priority, you may find yourself getting through the difficulties of life and making important decisions by yourself. What can we say? You get what you give.



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