How to Survive Attending a Wedding Without a Date

How to Survive Attending a Wedding Without a DateSo, you've been invited to a wedding, but you're not allowed to bring a plus-one or you're not dating anyone at the moment. Attending a wedding alone can be awkward, but you don't have to spend all the time standing on the sidelines. It is possible to have a lot of fun even if you've come to a wedding unaccompanied. How to survive attending a wedding without a date?

Don't decline the invitation. Just because you don't have anyone to bring to a wedding as your plus-one does not mean that you have to stay home and sulk. Remember that the couple invited you because you matter. They want you to be at their wedding, so don't ditch them because you feel sorry for yourself.

Be confident. People are naturally drawn to confident people, so if you feel (or at least look) confident, you will find someone to chat and dance with. Do something that will make you feel comfortable in your own skin, whether it is putting on your favorite shoes or wearing bright red lipstick. However, liquid courage is off limits: one of the worst mistakes you can make is being that sloppy drunk guest that everyone makes fun of.

Get ready for small talk. If you're not in the wedding party, you will probably be seated at the table with other singles in attendance. You never know who will seat next to you. It may be the groom's hot cousin or the bride's creepy uncle, depending on how lucky you are. In any case, you need to put on your happy face and be ready to keep the conversation going.

Don't be a sourpuss. No one will go out of their way to entertain you, so you need to take matters into your own hands. Don't spend the entire night sulking in the corner and texting your friends who aren't there. Introduce yourself to other guests and make new friends, hit the dance floor, have a chat with lone family members on the sidelines (such as the groom's heavily pregnant sister or 90-year-old great-grandmother), enjoy the food, flirt with the cute bartender.

Find something that will keep you occupied. If you can't seem to get comfortable and don't feel like talking to strangers, ask the bride and groom where they need any help. Even if everything has been taken care of, they still may appreciate an extra set of hands. You can take extra pictures or keep the kids are entertained while their parents are talking or dancing.

Don't make it about you. Truth be told, your single status doesn't really bother anyone but you because the wedding is all about the happy couple. Everyone will be focused on the bride and groom, and you need to let it stay that way. Don't try to become the center of everyone's attention in your attempts to compensate for the lack of a plus one and don't spend the night complaining about your lack of a date.



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