6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Husband

6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your HusbandValentine's Day is the most romantic holiday of a year, and it's perfect for couples in love. Unmarried couples especially love this day, but don't think that it loses all its importance after you get married. Love is always in the air in your family, so use these 6 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with your husband.

#1 Romantic breakfast. It's good to start your day with a delicious breakfast, that tells your husband, how much you love him. There are many romantic ideas for breakfast that you can use: french toasts with strawberries and Nutella, heart-shaped pancakes with fresh strawberries or chocolate syrup, red velvet crepes, berries dipped in Greek yogurt. Don't forget to serve breakfast in bed.

#2 Send kids to your parents. You love your kids, but you also need time for your relations with your husband. Dedicate this day to you spouse only and spend it the way you want to. When kids stay at their grandparents, it's so easy to feel freedom again.

#3 Plan activities for two of you. Make your Valentine's Day meaningful and spend it together with your husband. Yes, you could relax and watch romantic movies all day long, but you will never remember this day. So think of any romantic activities for two of you: go on a short trip, have a walk in a park or go some place you've always dreamt of.

#4 Go on a date. Romantic getaway is perfect for you if Valentine's Day falls on weekend, but if it's working day, then you can plan a date for two of you. If it's possible, then go to a restaurant that you like or where you had the first date. And if the place of your first date is far away, then you can arrange any date you want to. By the way, you may find interesting the idea of cheap dates under $10.

#5 Make a present. Presents for Valentine's Day should be meaningful, and it doesn't mean that they will cost you a lot. For instance, you can make a jar of sweets for your husband. And if your hubby doesn't have a sweet tooth, then fill this jar with strips of paper with the reasons why you love your spouse written on them. No time for that stuff? Then write the reasons why you love your husband in a letter. By the way, it's also good for you, because you will think only about good traits of your husband instead of focusing on his flaws.

#6 Romantic dinner. If it's possible, go to a grocery store together with your husband and buy what you need for you romantic dinner. Then cook together with your husband the meal for two of you. Don't forget about candles and roses when you lay the table and then enjoy your meal. Finish the day with a massage, romantic movie and night of love.



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