10 Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas for Married Couples

10 Cheap and Romantic Date Ideas for Married CouplesNewlywed couples enjoy everyday they spend together with their partner and it's full of romance. However, with the arrival of the first child you forget about everything, because you have your baby on your mind. Going somewhere out means looking for a babysitter, and that's why your dates have to be either indoor, or as cheap as possible. We have prepared 10 cheap and romantic date ideas for married couples.

#1 Indoor activities. There are many things that you can do at home together with your spouse. When your child is asleep, you can play video games or board games together. Friendly competition is always great! If you're tired for games, then watching movie with a bag of popcorn will be great for you.

#2 Have a picnic. Picnics are always great, and you can enjoy them in your backyard or a park. Pack the basket with your favorite food, take a blanket and enjoy a great time together. It's cheap and romantic.

#3 Cook together. Everyday when you come back home you have to cook a meal, and it can be tiresome. We suggest you spending a Sunday evening cooking food for the week ahead. Cook together with your partner and freeze food in containers. Then during the week you will have more time to spend with your spouse.

#4 Play “Chopped” in the kitchen. Imagine yourself to be chefs and cook a meal for each other with four strange ingredients. Everything is like in a reality show!

#5 Spa night in the backyard. You will need a small kiddie pool for this idea. Fill it with bubble bath, use candles and put on some romantic music. Everything is ready for the spa night in you backyard.

#6 Make your own bedroom like a hotel room. You definitely love your bedroom, but it may seem boring to you and your next date with your spouse. Refresh it a bit by making your bedroom look like a hotel room. Stack fresh towels, put mints on pillows, get an ice bucket with sparkling cider and hang “no disturb” sign on your door.

#7 Play James Bond. It's a very funny idea for the cheep date with your spouse. Go to any park, airport or sit in any other public place. Together with your spouse make funny stories about any people you see coming in or going out.

#8 Go on a penny walk. You love walking, but mostly you go to the same places you know. This time go on a penny walk. Each time you get to a corner flip a coin to decide which way to go. You can find many interesting places you've never been before.

#9 Roast s'mores. Do you remember those times when you made a campfire and roasted s'mores for the last time? It's time to repeat it once more.

#10 Take shower or bath together. This isn't about fitting two of you in your bathtub. Just take turns washing each other.



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