5 Signs That Your Marriage Is Worth Saving

5 Signs That Your Marriage Is Worth SavingQuite a lot of married couples find themselves on the verge of divorce at some point during their marriage. However, not all of them get divorced, it is often possible to save the marriage. How to distinguish a rough patch from a toxic marriage? Here are 5 signs that your marriage is worth saving.

#1. You had one big fight. All couples fight every now and them, and one big fight doesn't necessarily mean it's over. You might be feeling angry and confused right now, but these feelings will soon pass. When you're not angry anymore, apologize to your spouse, let them apologize to you, forgive each other and move forward together. Note that the cause of your fight matters. If you fought over something major like infidelity, a simple apology won't suffice.

#2. You feel more like friends than lovers. Some couples decide to divorce because their marriage becomes a routine. There's no spark in it anymore. In this case, a divorce would definitely be a hasty decision. Very few couples manage to keep the spark alive throughout the entire marriage, most of us have to go through relationship challenges and rough patches. However, love and hard work can help overcome these challenges. It may take some time and effort rediscover intimacy and reignite the spark, but it is worth it.

#3. You're not in denial. A lot of couples are afraid to admit that there is something wrong with their marriage and keep pretending that everything is A-Okay. Such an approach serves only to aggravate the situation, bringing the marriage to the point where it is almost impossible to save. If you and your spouse both are able to admit that you have marriage problems and are willing to discuss and try to solve them, you shouldn't give up on your marriage yet.

#4. You are both committed to make your relationship work. Any relationship is a two-way street. In order to make it work, both participants must contribute because a strong, healthy, and satisfying long-term relationship needs effort from both partners. So if you want to save your marriage and your spouse is on board, you should at least try. But if you're the one doing all the work and your spouse is not engaged in making the effort, your relationship probably isn't worth saving.

#5. You can see each other growing old together. When you imagine your future, is your husband or wife in it? If the answer is negative, there is definitely something wrong with your marriage, maybe even irreparably so. But if you try to envision yourself as a senior citizen and end up imagining your spouse beside you, your marriage isn't doomed. It is worth saving if your partner is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and you can clearly picture your future together.



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