4 Signs That You're Falling for Your Friend

4 Signs That You're Falling for Your FriendYou have been friends for years, you've been through a lot together, you're extremely comfortable around each other, and both of you think that it's the best friendship you've ever had. However, you feel like something has shifted in your relationship. Whenever your hang out with your friend, you have this weird feeling in your stomach. Oh no, is it a crush? Here are 4 signs that you might be falling for your friend.

Butterflies in your stomach and awkwardness. It may sound cheesy, but the tingly feeling of butterflies in your stomach is indeed a sign that you have a crush on your friend. You and your friend used to talk about anything and everything, and now talking to them has become a huge challenge to you because you suddenly feel shy and don't know what to say. Where does this shyness come from? The answer is simple: you're falling in love, it's natural to feel award around your crush, even when you've known each other for years.

You prefer their company over others. Of course, you have more than one friend, but you don't spend equal amounts of time with each of them. If you prefer one friend over the others and want to spend as much time with them as possible, you might be developing a crush on them. Do you think of them when they're not around? Do you text or message them on Facebook all the time? Do you have long phone conversations? Do you experience separation anxiety when you haven't talked to each other for a day? If you answered “yes” to more than one of these questions, you might have romantic feelings for your friend.

You started to get jealous. Say, your friend has a significant other, and you haven't had any problems with their relationship until recently. But now you suddenly get jealous when you think about your friend spending time with their significant other. Oh, honey, you've got it bad! If your friend is single, you get jealous when they tell you about your crush or go on dates. You do want to be a supporting friend and be happy for them, but you can't help getting jealous because of the feelings you're developing for your friend.

You want to touch them. Of course, some friends touch all the time, but there's still a difference between casual touching and semi-intimate touching. When you hug, you don't want to let go. When you're sitting on a couch and watching a movie, you want to sit closer to them or even cuddle. When you share a bed at a sleepover, you barely resist the urge to spoon your friend and wake up snuggling with them. A subconscious desire to be physically close with someone usually indicates that your have feelings for them.



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