Pros and Cons of Being in the Friend Zone

Pros and Cons of Being in the Friend ZoneWhen you are trying to start a romantic relationship with a person and they tell you they only want to be friends with you, this means that you have been friend zoned. A lot of people think that being in the fiend zone is an absolute torture. As a matter of fact, this situation has its ups and downs. What are the pros and cons of being in the friend zone?

Pro. You get to know the person better. If you actually become their friend, you will start spending more time together. Friends tell each other things, so you will learn more about their likes and dislikes and find out what kind of person they are. This information will be helpful when you make another attempt at asking them out. There also is the possibility that you will change your mind once you get to know them better. That's also not a bad outcome.

Con. You learn too much about them. When you're in the friend zone, you don't just have to watch as the person you have a crush on goes on dates with other people, you have to listen when they tell you about these dates (probably in great detail, if they consider you a close friend) and gush over their crushes. It hurts. And if you do get together, being too aware of each other's past affairs might make you feel jealous or insecure.

Pro. They get to know you better. There is a possibility (although a very small one) that your crush will change his or her mind once they get to know you better. Sometimes it takes people a while to see someone as a possible romantic match. Being in the friend zone gives you the opportunity to show yourself in the best light.

Con. You behave like you're off the market. Even though you realize that you won't get together with the person who friend zoned you, you still behave as if you are taken. Getting stuck in the friend zone prevents you from dating other people, because you still have this subconscious hope that one day you will be promoted from friend to boy/girlfriend.

Pro. You are in their life, at least in some capacity. Being your crush's friend is better than not being in their life at all. You still get to spend time with them, give them advice, support them through hardships and be their shoulder to cry on. For some people, it's enough.

Con. You have false hope. A lot of people get stuck in the friend zone, hoping that their crush will change their mind. However, this rarely happens. If they were at least a little bit interested, they would give you a chance. So don't get your hopes up and be realistic. Once you've been friend zoned, you have little to no chance of getting together with your crush.



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