7 Things That Kill Friendship

7 Things That Kill FriendshipFriendship, as any other kind of relations, can end or last till the end of your life. The latter we usually see on TV in different series, but in reality we usually go through the first situation. Our friendships never last long, because we never try hard and don't keep in mind these seven things that kill friendship.

#1 Being selfish. Friendship is always about giving and taking, otherwise it wouldn't be equal for all parties. But sometimes friendship can become one-sided, when one of the parties only takes and never gives. In case it continues for too long, the friendship becomes a burden. If you know, that you were selfish with your friend, think, what you can do to give them the attention they deserve.

#2 No face time. Social media makes life simpler and you can follow what happens to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. But a digital friendship is not the same as real reflations, that's why if you have no time for your friends, don't be surprised with their slow drifting away from you. The less you see your friends, the more apart they become with you.

#3 No reciprocation. Some people are not initiative and have to be pulled out of their holes. But it can't happen all the time. Friendship requires reciprocation, otherwise it will start to wear thin. Also the lack of reciprocation can make your friend feel, that your and your friend's priorities are different.

#4 Jealousy. Jealousy is actually the thing that can destroy any relations, not only friendship, and you understand, that friends can't be jealous. If you're envious of your friend's job, kids, second half, house or car, there's no way that your friendship can last for a long time.

#5 Too much negativity. Every person has their own idea of too much negativity in a relationship. Some people don't mind gossiping or whining, while others can't stand even a toxic word or roll of the eyes. So if you've been negative with your friend, figure out why it happened and fix it, until it's not too late to do anything.

#6 Growing conflicts. Although conflicts don't always mean, that the friendship is over, some people try never notice them and pretend that everything is OK and then let the problem grow. This problem can really become the straw that broke the camel's back. So instead of letting the problem grow, talk about it with your friend in a healthy way.

#7 Judgment. Judgment is the thing, that can eat away self-confidence and trust in one another. If you can't accept the views and decisions of your friend and instead of them pose your own (just because you think, that it's better and the right way of doing this), you don't allow your friend to be true to themselves. So stop thinking, that something that is true to you it also true to your friend, otherwise your judgment will smother your friendship.



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