Is Your Friend Into You or Is It Just Friendship?

Is Your Friend Into You or Is It Just Friendship?Some people don't believe in friendship between two sexes and state that they're created for something more. However, friendship between two people of the opposite sex is real and many enjoy it. But at some point you may feel awkward because one thought is bugging you: is your friend really into you or is it just friendship?

Boys and girls often become friends, and sometimes it develops into something bigger than just friendship. It's heading to romance and you feel confused about your own feelings. Maybe you already like your friend so much that you would like to have the first real date. But does your friend has the same feelings to you?

It's not very easy to tell, however, there are always different signs, like body language and the way your friend behaves when you're around. First of all, look for persistent body contact. Elbow grabs, shoulder squeezes and hand slaps – it's the most obvious way that your friend is flirting with you. Yes, his flirting may be immature, but touching you is the simplest way to get closer to you.

Does you friend of the opposite sex like to chat with you? Men are not great phone talkers. But when they meet a person they like, they can spend hours talking about anything. Random text messages are also a sign that there is something special between the two of you.

How much time do you spend together? Sometimes men just can't tell it directly, what they are proposing, that's why they keep waiting while we, women, finally understand it. Meanwhile they try to spend as much time as possible together with us. So, if you see your male friend even more often than your roommate or BF, he shows up at the most random places to come across you, then it's clear that he's prioritizing your more than a friend.

However, sometimes the messages from your friend may be mixed, and it may confuse you. Remember, that many things you might think to be flirting are nothing like that at all, because men very rarely want to be friends with women if they don't have feelings for them.

In fact, there are even more signs that your friend likes you, but he's so shy that just can't tell it directly. Listen to your heart, but if it fails to give you the right answer or you're not sure, then ask him. Don't be shy, because misunderstanding can bring you more problems then you think. Your conversation won't affect your friendship, but you will know for sure what your friend feels towards you: friendship or something bigger than that.



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