5 Signs That Your BFF Is Your Non-Romantic Soulmate

5 Signs That Your BFF Is Your Non-Romantic SoulmateYour soulmate is a person with whom you have a feeling of deep affinity (kinship of spirit). You don't necessarily have to be in love with your soulmate, friends can be soulmates, too. Here are 5 signs that your best friend is in fact your non-romantic soulmate.

You know everything about each other. There's absolutely no secrets between the two of you. You know that your friend will keep your secrets no matter what, so you are not afraid to tell them anything. You know a lot of really personal (and sometimes embarrassing) things about each other, but you will never use them to hurt one another.

You remind of an old married couple (but without sex). Your are bickering half the time, but this is just your way of demonstrating your affection. You have known each other for years and have grown really close. Sometimes you can get too affectionate, but your relationship is strictly platonic, you're just as close as possible without having any kind of romantic and/or sexual relationship. You're used to being confused for a couple and have the “We're not together” speech well-rehearsed.

You are completely comfortable around each other. You think that there is nothing wrong with sharing clothes or stealing bits of food from each other's plates. You have shared a bed on more than one occasion without any awkwardness and actually had a good night's sleep. You used to share an apartment, and you can say with confidence that your BFF is the best roommate you have ever had. Finally, there is no such thing as awkward silence when you're with your best friend, even if neither of you has anything to say, you share silence comfortably.

You've mastered the skill of non-verbal communication Most scientists claim that telepathy doesn't exist, but you can swear that you share a weird (and awesome) telepathic bond with your best friend. Most of the time, you can tell what they are thinking just by looking at them. You're always on the same page, you finish each other sentences, and you have tons of inside jokes that make absolutely no sense for the rest of the world. Sometimes it weirds people out.

You're planning your future together. Well, not together-together, because your relationship with your best friend is not all the world to you, no matter how close you are. You still have romantic relationships and maybe one day you will marry the man/woman you love. But you are 100% sure that your best friend will always be by your side because your life will never be complete without them. Even if you get separated by distance at some point in your lives, you'll find a way to be there for each other.



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