6 Reasons Why Good Relations Go Bad

6 Reasons Why Good Relations Go BadYou were together and everything was so good, but suddenly your relationship went wrong and you broke up. You never expected your relations to end, or at least not now and not this way! Many people find this situation familiar, and the triggers that detonated your relations are not so mysterious. Check out these six reasons why good relations go bad and find out, what you did wrong.

#1 Constant lying. Constant lying means, that there is no trust in your relations. Even if one of you is always honest with the partner, it's not enough to make relations last. Sooner or later relations will be ruined, because they require both of you to be honest with each other.

#2 Too fast. Emotional connection between two of you needs some time to be established. You can't rush the willingness of your partner to commit, as well as your physical connection. If relations become intimate too fast, your physical connection leads to a large number of issues, that inevitably destroy relationship even before it had a chance to survive.

#3 Not much sex in relationship. The one above is true for new relationship, while the couples that are together for a long time, should have another point of view. Lack of sex in your relationship can make your partner distance from you, that leads to cheating. So think, whether you and your partner are sexually fulfilled or not.

#4 We expect too much. Wrong expectations is one of the most common reasons, why relationship can go bad. We think, that love is constant chemistry, steaming sex and flowers every week. We think, that married life is only happiness, white horses and your Prince Charming next to you. However, dating, love and married life are not always so shiny, as we think, and you should never forget, that there is no perfect person. You surely will have something to address, and doing nothing about it will surely bring your relations to an end.

#5 We get bored. Doing the same things and having one person next to you for years may seem boring to some people, and they want new emotions, new impressions. This boredom can destroy any relations, no matter how long they last. Try to find something, that will bring you new impressions and can get you out of your routine.

#6 Money issues. Some people think, that money makes the world go round and they can't imagine their relations without expensive presents. These expectations, as well as bad spending habits, can ruin relations. Remember, that money can't buy you love!



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