Is Being Regretful Bad, Good or Pointless?

Is Being Regretful Bad, Good or Pointless?The feeling of being regretful is known to everyone. We regret the things we've done, bought, said, returned, lost. We also regret the things that we never possessed, done or said. However, some people have no regrets and seem to be happy with that. It's time to find out, if being regretful bad, good or pointless?

Regrets are common for people who have lived their life and now spend lots of time on dwelling upon the things, that could go different. It can be anything: their marriage, major purchases and even thousands spent on traveling. If only you knew what could happen, you would never waste your money for such a stupid things! However, having regrets can be good for you.

Thinking of things, that went wrong or you did wrong can help you avoid the same mistakes in future. Being regretful of something is good for new year's resolutions, because now you have a great opportunity to look at your mistakes and never let them happen again. Try to write down all your regrets and vow, that you will never let happen the things that make you feel this way. Now burn the page and turn a new one, and do it figuratively and literally!

Although regrets can be good for you, many people find themselves stuck in their dwelling upon things that happened to them. It can last for months and even years, and it never takes you anywhere. At this point regrets become kind of a stress, that make you relive all your feelings, that you experienced at that time – panic, shaking, tensity, sickness etc. And what's the worst is that you don't solve the problem that you have, you just waste your priceless time and energy on regrets only.

Regrets make you think, that if you had relived this situation all over again, you would have done everything the other way. But even this thought is pointless, because all our actions depend on our feelings and mood. For instance, many people regret about their marriage and wish they'd never met their spouses. But it this thought has any sense? Let's imagine, that you have lived happily with your spouse for 20 years, and they die. Will you be angry with your spouse, that they died prematurely and would regret, that you've met this person? No, because this thought is irrational.

Many people are actually irrational about their possessions and relations they have. And if it concerns marriage, most think, that it has to last forever, otherwise it's worthless. The same concerns other lesser things, too. It happens, just because time changes every person, but it's not the reason to think, that what you did 20 years ago was stupid and bad, and now you act wisely.

Your regrets are only your experience, so try to accept them. The best thing is to manage them, as you do with the stress and never waste your energy. Being regretful is pointless, because you can't change anything, but never forget about your mistakes, because every person needs learning throughout their life.



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