7 Signs That You Have a Frenemy

7 Signs That You Have a FrenemyYou life point is being nice to everyone, so you think, that you're surrounded by friends only. However, there are always some people, who want you to suffer. These are your enemies, who want to be thought as of friends. Check out these 7 signs, that you have a frenemy.

#1 Your friend is happy, when you're unhappy. True friends are always happy, when everything goes well in your life. But frenemies seem to hang around you only when you feel miserable. It's because they are happy at this time. And when something good happens in your life, the frenemy is desperate and wants to make you feel bad again.

#2 Left-handed compliments. Are you always late or you're not very good at decorating cookies? Well, your friends love you the way you are and will never criticize your not-so-tasty cookies. And even if it happens, it will be gently and only in private. But the frenemies tend to put you down on public and they make it by giving you left-handed compliments. Their words are mixture of criticism and compliments, that first sound nice, but in the end make you feel awkward.

#3 Digging up dirt. Real friends never mention your failures or awkward situations, because they leave them in the past, where they should stay. However, frenemies love digging up dirt and telling it to people who know you. Whether it's your new sweetheart or a new friend, your frenemy will make sure, that they know about all your skeletons in the closet.

#4 Sabotage. The frenemy will try to make your life harder and worse, than it's now. You have problems with money, the frenemy will make you spend more! Your second half is so nice to you, but your frenemy will make you hate them. The final goal of your frenemy is to ensure, that you fail and never succeed in your life.

#5 Competing with you. True friends never compete with each other, and even if it happens, then it's positive. But frenemy will never let you have something better, than they have. Have you bought a new smartphone? Your friend is happy for you. But your frenemy will have the same model and even the same case and color as you have, because you can't have things that are nicer, than theirs.

#6 Being self centered. Now think a minute, what your conversations with your friends look like? You all share your problems and happiness. But when you talk to your frenemy, then the conversation is centered only around them. You know, that real friendship is about giving and taking, not about taking only.

#7 Gut feeling. Well, this one isn't actually the sign, but your feeling. Whenever you're together with your frenemy, you have the feeling, that something's wrong here. But you never mention it, because this person seems to be nice to you. Never ignore your gut feeling, because you're dishonest with yourself. So trust your gut, because you deserve better!



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