How to Overcome Friendship Crisis

How to Overcome Friendship CrisisFriendship, as any kind of relations, has its own crisis, and many people experience it. In fact, about 25 percent of Americans really satisfied with their friendships. So if your friendship is heading for tough time, you have to know what to do. Our tips on how to overcome friendship crisis will help you.

You have old bests and many buddies, but now and then you lose touch with them, just because your life changes. Your school and college friends are long forgotten and now your co-worker or your neighbor with a baby is your best friend. And although you have new priorities and difficulties in your life, sometimes you miss your old friends.

Did you know that friendship also has its cycle and every seven years it's got it's breaking point? Women are more prone to go through their friends than men, and many of their buddies go away. Life changes: new work, hobbies, arrival of baby and new interests. Some friends stay, while new people come and also become buddies or new bests.

The seven-year cycle, known as friendship crisis, may be marked by many arguments with friends or just quiet breaking apart. No matter how it looks like, the outcome will be the same.

If you want your friendship to last for a long time, it needs development and nurture. So make spending time together with your friends a priority. Of course, you have to be with your friends physically, sending messages or calling now and then isn't enough at all.

But what can you do, if you've split with your friends and now you understand that you miss them and that time together? Is it possible to restore your friendship? Well, it is. The only thing you have to do is to reconnect. Don't wait till someone of your old friends will remember about you and invite you to a party. You have to make the first step. It's great, if you occasionally meet somewhere and have a long conversation. Only after a while invite your friend to come to your place.

What can be a reason to invite your old friends? In fact, it can be anything, but it has to be special for you. Whether you throw a birthday party or just want to have a dinner with your old friends, you have to think many things over, like what you are going to do during the evening, whether you have something to talk about, how you can handle the moments of awkward silence, etc.

Reconnecting with old friends isn't easy, and it may need a lot of time. And while you work on restoration of your friendship, remember, that you have to concentrate on quality, not quantity. Meaningless meetings won't help you. And take into account that only your old friends are valuable. Don't waste your time to reconnect with buddies, because all you need is real friends.



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