5 Things You Should Thank Your Older Sister For

5 Things You Should Thank Your Older Sister ForSometimes your older sister is overprotective, annoying, or condescending. You are always compared to her, and about 90% of the time the comparison is not in your favor. Nevertheless, you love your big sister because despite all your differences and misunderstandings, she's your best friend, confidant and a role model. Here are 5 things you should thank your older sister for.

For being there for you. You've had your fair share of misunderstandings and fights, but when you really need your big sister, she's always ready to give you a shoulder to lean on. She helped you get over your first heartbreak and choose a college, gave you pep talks when you desperately needed them. She is your go-to person when you need an advice or just a shoulder to cry on.

For teaching your the “grown up” things. Grown up talks with your parents are awkward and embarrassing, right? It is so much easier when you have an older sister who can tell you everything about puberty, periods, boys, sex, and other “adult” stuff. She also taught you to put on makeup and pick your clothes, saving you from failed styling experiments.

For paving the way. Older siblings are the guinea pigs before younger ones come along. First-time parents can be overly strict with their first child and set higher expectations, but when the second child is born, they ease up and overlook some things they would have never let slide with their first child. So you should thank your older sister for baring the brunt. Believe us, you've had it easy.

For telling you that things will get better. Remember when you were a middle schooler with terrible acne and thought that no one would ever love you? But then you remembered your older sister who used to have acne in middle school, too, and then outgrew it and started dating a really hot guy in high school. When you hated high school, she told you college would be different and was right. Whatever you are going through, she's already been through it, and this gives you hope.

For being your friend. Your family is supposed to love you unconditionally, but that's not always the case. Not all people are friends with their siblings. But if your older sister is your friend, you're a very lucky person. You know that she will always have your back, that she will tell you the truth even if it hurts, that she knows exactly what you need when you're stuck in a bad mood. You can have many friends, but your older sister will always be special because you've grown up in the same family and shared childhood experiences. She knows you better than anyone and you often take it for granted. So thank her for being her, she really deserves it.



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