How to Get Over a Friend Breakup

How to Get Over a Friend BreakupEnding a friendship can hurt just as much as ending a romantic relationship. Friendships can end for various reasons, but breaking off a friendship is painful regardless of the reason. How to get over a friend breakup and move on?

You might think that getting over a lost friendship is easier than getting over a romantic breakup because people (typically) have only one romantic partner and at least several friends. According to this logic, losing one of many friends is easier than losing your only significant other. But the quantitative approach to emotions and relationships doesn't really work. No matter how many friends you have, losing one of them will hurt because each of your friends is special and irreplaceable.

Before mourning over your lost friendship, analyze the reasons why it ended. Friends can simply grow apart emotionally because people change as they get older. Sometimes people break off friendships because they start dating or get married and can't find the time to hang out with friends. A huge disagreement or betrayal is a common reason for friend breakups, too. So what's you case? Maybe things are not so bad as they seem and there's a chance to make things right. Just reach out to your (ex-)friend and talk to them. Even if it doesn't work, you will at least get closure.

If you are sure that your friendship has ended for good, take some time to get over it. You are probably feeling all sorts of emotions right now – anger, sadness, confusion, etc. It is tempting to respond to them with a denial, but suppressing your emotions will only make things worse. You have the right to feel the things you are feeling and cry it out because losing a friend sucks.

When you break up with a friend, you need to give them and yourself some space. You probably have mutual friends, and it is not fair to make them choose between the two of you. Losing one friend is bad enough, you don't have to lose even more. But you probably shouldn't hang out with your friends when your ex-friend is around. Explain the situation to them and ask them not to invite you to events when your ex-friend is going to be there, and vice versa. If they are good friends, they will understand. And don't Facebook-stalk your ex-friend, it definitely won't help you get over.

We are used to relying on our friends when we get over a romantic breakup. You can ask your friends to support you in this case, too. However, keep in mind that you shouldn't badmouth your ex-friend, even if he or she was the one that betrayed you. You will just come across as a negative and revengeful person. Try to pour your hear out without criticizing your ex-friend. For example, if you want to say, “This traitor has hurt me”, say “I feel hurt and betrayed” instead.

As corny as it may sound, time heals. To get over a friend breakup and move on, you need to accept the fact that your friendship ended and mourn the breakup. But don't let yourself get depressed. Go out, make new friends and enjoy your life. It is impossible to replace an old friend because every friendship is unique, but it is possible to start a new friendship that will bring you as much positive emotions as an old one.



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