6 Signs You Need to Slow Down

6 Signs You Need to Slow DownSometimes we can become so busy that we don't even realize how stressed we are. We're juggling too many responsibilities and we are afraid that if we stop, everything will fall apart. It is necessary to know when to slow down your life to prevent a nervous breakdown or a major health issue. Here are 6 signs you need to slow down.

You have sleeping problems. Insomnia or waking up feeling like you haven't slept at all are your body's attempts to tell you that you're stressed out and exhausted. If you can't fall asleep at might, you're probably overwhelmed by your busy life or worried about too much things at once. If you can't wake up in the morning no matter how many hours you've slept, you're simply exhausted.

You are inseparable from your phone. If your phone is not within arm's reach, you start feeling anxious because you're afraid to miss an important call, text, or e-mail. The moment you wake up, you grab your phone and start checking Facebook, Twitter, and other social media or scrolling newsfeeds. Yes, mobile phones help us stay connected, but we shouldn't become too dependent on them.

You can't relax even when you're supposed to. It's your day off, you don't have any particular plans, any people to meet, any errands to run. It was supposed to be a lazy day when you stay in, order takeout, and binge-watch TV shows you have recorded on your DVR. But you can't relax because you are constantly thinking about your job or other responsibilities. You get restless and obsessively check your phone even though you know that no one is going to contact you on your day off.

You get angry or sad for no particular reason. Strange mood swings (such as sudden angry outbursts or crying fits) indicate that your nervous system is getting too exhausted. A snippy attitude or teary mood typically mean that you've bitten off more than you can chew. Slow down, get off the emotional roller coaster and set your priorities straight. You will instantly feel much better.

You can't remember the last time you had some “me time”. Of course, helping other people is important, but it shouldn't prevent you from taking care of yourself. Everyone needs some “me time” to decompress. Remember that you are just as important as everyone else and you deserve to schedule at least an hour to yourself every day.

You don't keep control of what you eat. They say that a good man doesn't live to eat, but eats to live. Although it is true to a certain extent, healthy eating needs to be a priority. Eating habits are one of the first things to change when your life becomes too hectic. You get acquainted with fast food, takeout, and frozen foods, and start scarfing down your food absentmindedly while doing something else. You think that it helps you save time, but such a diet won't provide you with enough energy to keep your pace.



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