How to Deal With a Bossy Friend

How to Deal With a Bossy FriendAll people are different, that makes all of us personalities. And while some are really generous and good-hearted, others seem to be mean or bossy. The latter seem to be the bosses with everyone and always tell what they should or shouldn't do. So what can you do to deal with a bossy friend, if you happen to have one.

There are many ways how your friend can show their bossy behavior. For instance, they can always ask you for some favors and you're eagerly do them. But when it's your turn to ask, your friend finds hundreds of lame excuses, why they can't do anything for you, because they don't want you to be a boss. It's only their superior right to do what they want to and make you do what they want to.

Dealing with people who have some traits that make you feel uncomfortable is very hard, and changing them is impossible. So if you've decided to make your friend get rid of that bossyness, don't waste your time, because it's won't help you at all. First of all, your friend might even not know, that they are bossy! Telling them that you don't like when they give you advice and show their character might really offend them. And you don't need it at all. So what you should do is change your own character.

What we all think is being bossy very often turns out to be just mature behavior. Your friend might have adopted it just because of your past. Have you ever asked your friend for an advice and accepted it? It could triggered your friend's behavior. But now everything is different and you don't need their advice any more, because you feel confident about things you do.

So what you need to change is your own respond to your friend's advice and attempts to control you. Next time when your friend tells you what to do, politely reply, that you don't need this advice and you know what to do. Be kind in your reply, otherwise you can hurt your friend.

Watch the reaction of your friend to your words. If they are OK with your will to solve the problems on your own or decide what to do next, then it's great! Now you know, that it was just the mature behavior that your friend adopted. But if your friend freaks out if you don't accept their advice, then it's time to think, that you might deal with a control freak. These people are harder to get along with.

In case you don't want to confront your friend, you can use another strategy. You should only listen to your friend and agree with everything they tell you to do. But your agreement doesn't mean that you really have to do the way they want you to. When your friend will find out about your independence, think of an excuse, why you acted the way you wanted instead of the way you were told to.



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