11 Signs Your Husband is Cheating

11 Signs Your Husband is CheatingAdultery is one of the most common causes of divorce. Being cheated on is painful, and many women prefer to live in denial even when their husbands' infidelity becomes obvious. However, sooner or later they will have to face the truth. Even if you are sure of your spouse's fidelity, it won't hurt to know common signs of cheating.

Your sex life has changed. If your husband is not as interested in sex he was before, he might be sleeping with someone else. However, a sudden boost in libido might also indicate that he has a lover. If your husband is trying to spice things up and try something new, he might have borrowed new tricks from his new partner.

He spends more time away from home. If your husband is constantly working overtime, spends more time with his friends than he used to, takes your dog on 90-minute walks or spends hours in the gym/jogging, it is quite suspicious. Especially if he started to skip family dinners, neglect your plans and avoid family activities.

Less compliments, more criticism. If he gives you less compliments than he used to and constantly criticizes your behavior, appearance, choices, etc., you definitely need to worry. Besides, men who are unfaithful to their wives often start to avoid physical contact with them and pick petty fights more often.

He's too nice and helpful. If your husband feels guilty about cheating on you, he might start showering you with attention, buying you gifts, helping around the house more, etc.

He cares about his appearance too much. If your husband dresses differently, buys new clothes, pays more attention to grooming, started to work out more etc., he might be trying to impress someone, and this someone is definitely not you.

He smells differently. Women typically have a better sense of smell than men. He might not realize that he smells of his lover's perfume or soap, but you will notice a different scent on him. Besides, his natural smell might have changed, too. It's the way his body chemistry reacted to being with another woman.

He gets territorial around his phone. You should be worried if you notice that your husband:

  • retreats to the other room every time he needs to take or make a phone call;
  • takes his phone with him everywhere he goes and never leaves it laying around;
  • deletes the call log and text history;
  • spends more time on this phone.

He spends more time online. So your husband became more active on social networking sites, created a new email account you have no access to, closes windows when you unexpectedly walk into the room, deletes browser history and keeps has laptop password protected. That's definitely suspicious!

He started spending more money. If you have a joint bank account, you will notice unexpected withdrawals and unexplained expenses.

He accuses you of cheating/becomes paranoid. Some cheaters think that the best defense is a good offense. They accuse their wives of cheating to divert attention from their own affair. And some men really do believe that if they are being unfaithful, their wives are cheating on them, too.

He has a sudden need for privacy. Everyone needs personal space and some alone time. However, if your husband suddenly needs more privacy than usual, he might be keeping something from you.

Of course, you shouldn't start to panic as soon as you've noticed one of these signs. Maybe he works overtime to save money for a surprise gift for you or buys you presents because he wants to bring back the feelings you've once had for each other. So don't jump to conclusions and find a way to tell your husband about your concerns without accusing him of cheating.