5 Signs You're a Shy Extrovert

5 Signs You're a Shy ExtrovertThere is a common misconception that all extroverts are friendly and outgoing and all introverts are shy and reserved. However, the difference between extroverts and introverts doesn't lie in their degree of sociability. Basically, extroverts are energized by bring around other people and introverts are energized by being alone. That means extroverts can be shy and introverts can be outgoing. Here are five signs you're a shy extrovert and not an introvert.

Sign 1. You like parties but don't like to be the center of attention. While introverts tend to be exhausted by parties or simply hanging out in big groups, shy extroverts enjoy such gatherings because they feel comfortable enough when surrounded by people. However, that doesn't mean they want to be the center of attention and/or dominate the conversation. Shy extroverts prefer to stay on the sidelines and listen rather than talk.

Sign 2. You're a great listener. Introverts are generally believed to be better listeners than extroverts because they prefer listening to talking. However, shy extroverts are good great listeners as well. In fact, they sometimes are even better listeners than introverts. They are used to devoting time to listening to people around them, just like introverts. But unlike the introverts they actually understands the introverts' need to talk much in certain circumstances.

Sign 3. You may have mistaken yourself for an introvert. As we've already said, there is a common misconception that shy equals introverted. However, introverted people are typically overwhelmed in social gatherings, they tend to feel uncomfortable and even intimidated. Shy extroverts, in their turn, feel comfortable enough, they just don't feel like talking. You might struggle a bit to initiate conversation, but you still feed off other people's energy and would rather be surrounded by people than alone.

Sign 4. You might need some alone time to recharge. When introverts inevitably become overwhelmed in large social gatherings, they need time to recharge. Introverts have no problem with spending their evenings and even weekends alone, they have no trouble entertaining themselves. Shy introverts also may get overwhelmed and start wanting some alone time. However, a few hours are enough for them. They recharge very quickly and start getting restless and craving human contact.

Sign 5. Your friends don't believe that you're shy. Most shy extroverts have mastered the skill of faking it 'til they make it, while many introverts don't bother with faking and embrace who they are. Shy extroverts can be outgoing if they want or need to, they're actually really good at it. They don't come across as shy, people think of them as calm and collected instead.



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