Why Spouses Cheat in Marriage

Why Spouses Cheat in MarriageBoredom is a common thing in many relations, and the more time the spouses together, the duller their sexual life is. They know each other well and at some point want some “fresh air” to revive their own feelings again. Let's think about the reasons why spouses cheat in marriage.

There is a number of common myths about spouse cheating. One of them says that husbands cheat more ofter on their wives. It's not truth, because women cheat as often as men do. The only difference is the reason of spouse's infidelity.

No one can really count the reasons of adultery, since they can grow out of anything. Anger, career problems, fear of growing older, feeling of being neglected, insecurity, ego, revenge, boredom and even boosting self-esteem. And it's only to name a few! However, there is always one most common reason for infidelity.

Lack of attention is reportedly the main reason why men and women cheat on their partners. The longing for attention and appreciation from your spouse leads to the desire to find someone new. It turns out, that only paying attention to your spouse helps you prevent the adultery.

So, how can you pay attention to your spouse in order to keep your marriage safe? Everything is very simple: communication, listening to your spouse, showing your interest and being physical affectionate is usually enough. However, even people who are paid attention to also cheat. How can it be?

The reason is rather simple, and the problem is not in the relations (however, we don't neglect this fact neither), but in the person who cheated. Your spouse tries to find an external solution to their own internal problem, that's been there for a long period time. However, looking for an external solution isn't right. Only internal solution for internal problems really work and help.

Another often sited reason for infidelity is boredom. Your spouse already knows you and the way you are in bed. The longing for something new is what drives your partner. At some point spouses aren't happy with something familiar and they want something new, and they find it in another person.

We're not going to talk about falling out of love with the spouse, because it's one of the clearest reasons for cheating. But we will talk about one more hidden reason of adultery, that we'd call “It just happened”. Mostly people don't make any plans on cheating, it happens because of the right situation and the right feelings.

People, as well as animals, tend to chose the most relevant in the particular context and at the precise moment of time. For instance, you love your partner, but now an attractive person is flirting with you, what will you choose? You will use your chance, and no matter how much you love your spouse, you will cheat. The more impulsive your character is, and the longer you're away from your spouse, the more chances you have for cheating.

There are many reasons for adultery, and usually they represent a complicated mixture of different feelings. Looking for the real reason, why your spouse cheats on you, is useless. Only improvement of your marriage will make sure that it will survive, if one of you has cheated.



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