6 Family Activities for a Rainy Day

6 Family Activities for a Rainy DaySpending quality time with your family is very important. A lot of families plan bonding activities beforehand, but sometimes their plans get canceled due to bad weather and everyone gets gloomy and bored. Don't let the rain ruin the evening/weekend you've planned to spend with your family! Here are some fun family activities for a rainy day that might help save the day.

Movie night. Everyone loves family movie nights because they are the perfect excuse to cuddle under a blanket and treat yourself to some delicious popcorn or other snacks. So choose a movie the whole family is going to enjoy, bring the snacks, blankets and throw pillows, settle in and enjoy! It might be hard to find the movie everyone will agree on, but we think that a Harry Potter movie marathon is a safe choice.

Building a pillow fort. Pillow forts are not just for kids, even if it's just you and your spouse, you can have a lot of fun building a pillow fort where you can feel safe and cozy on a cold rainy day. You can use furniture, blankets, cushions, bed sheets – whatever you can find and put to use. And don't forget to decorate your fort to make it look more homey. Then get inside and watch a movie on a laptop or tell each other scary stories.

Playing board games. Playing board games is a good way to spend some quality time with your family. There are a lot of varieties of board games, and we suggest that you purchase at least several games so that you something to choose from. If you don't have any board games, good old card games will do.

Charades. If you have neither board games nor cards (poor thing!), don't despair. There are plenty of fun games that don't require any props, such as charades. Charades is a word guessing game in which one player acts out a word or phrase, and the rest of the players need to guess it. Players are usually divided into two teams, but if you don't want to make it a competition, you don't have to. Acting out your favorite story is an alternative to playing charades.

Baking or cooking. If you have all necessary ingredients for cookies or home made pizzas, get to baking. Of course, your should get everyone involved in the process (we are sure your kids would enjoy decorating the cookies). When the cookies are all ready and decorated, you can have an indoor picnic. If you don't like or want to bake, you can cook dinner together and then enjoy a home made meal.

Shooting a movie. You don't even need a camera to shoot your own movie: most smart phones have one. What you need, however, is a plot, props, costumes, actors and, of course, a director. Decide what your movie will be about, choose the director, distribute the role, take care of the costumes and props and get to shooting. It will be fun!



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