How to Calm Down When You're Anxious

How to Calm Down When You're AnxiousDifferent anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses among grownups. Every year many people suffer them and don't know how to deal with them. Moreover, anxiety can't be controlled, and if you try, it gets even worse. However, there are several tips that will help you calm down when you're anxious.

Two terms “anxiety” and “stress” are often interchangeable and for many they mean the same. However, two of them are really different and shouldn't be confused. Stress is body's reaction to any changes of the situation, no matter whether they are bad or good. And anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, unease, that is often related to situations perceived as unavoidable or uncontrollable. Understanding of the difference between stress and anxiety is very important, because they require different techniques for dealing with them.

Anxiety can't be stopped or controlled, because the more you concentrate on it, the more your body is stressed. The stress of your body only makes the feeling of anxiety even worse. So no need to fight anxiety, instead of it use the techniques, that will trick your mind and make you forget about the things that make you feel so anxious.

Talk to someone friendly. Your mind is your worst enemy, when you have anxiety symptoms. Talking to a friendly and trustworthy person will help you calm down. Call this person and tell how you feel and why. Explaining your feelings will keep your mind off your symptoms, and talking to a friendly person boosts your confidence. It also helps because now you know, that if something goes wrong, you have somebody to rely on.

Use breathing exercises. Our feelings often depend on the changes of heartbeat and breathing. And if you can control your breathing and blood pressure, then you can control anxiety. During the next anxiety attack don't breathe fast, because is causes hyperventilation, speeds up your heartbeat and, inevitably, raises your blood pressure. Slowing your breathing down can help you relax and calm down. Take shallow breaths, using this simple technique: slowly breathe in through your nose for 5-7 seconds, hold your breath for 3 seconds and finally exhale through pursed lips for 7-9 seconds. Repeat this exercised for 20 times, and you will feel relaxed. Your anxiety will be under control.

Find something, that relaxes you. Don't try to fight with anxiety, instead of it do things that relax you immediately. If it's hot bathtub with foam and candles, then jump into it right now. No matter what it is, start doing it immediately as you feel anxiety.

Make love. Sexual intercourse is incredibly calming, that's why sex can be used to fight anxiety. Endorphins that are released during sex help you relax and feel happier. So if you have someone special in your life, then you can use lovemaking to calm down.



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