Tips for Talking About Money With Your Spouse

Tips for Talking About Money With Your SpouseAt least once a year you and your spouse have to sit and discuss financial questions. You may avoid this conversation as long as possible, since it's one of the reasons why you argue with your spouse, but you can't hide away from the problem all the time. Here are the tips on how to talk about money with you spouse.

The financial stability is an acute problem for many couples, especially for the newlyweds. At this time you may not totally realize the spending habits of your spouse. Even couples who lived together for several years also go through a number of arguments and avoid money talks. But as long as you approach the question calmly and honestly, you really can discuss your financial problems without arguing.

Choose the right time for your money conversation. Make sure that you're both in a good mood and nothing special is on the TV and it's turned off. Explain to your spouse, that you want to make this conversation as simple as possible and you're not going to argue. If you've already gone through a number of money wars, you may need set talk rules: make a list of questions to be discussed, sit face-to-face and have nothing between two of you, don't interrupt and let everyone have a two-minute air to express one's thoughts about the issue.

The conversation about money priorities is a must-do for the newlyweds. Each of you has certain spending habits: clothes, food and something else. Make sure that you know how your spouse spends their money and vice versa.

You and your spouse have to know where you stand, that's why you need a full disclosure of your incomes, investments, debts, bank statements to one another. You both have to know your priorities before taking some actions regarding your financial stability. Think, how much you have and how much you owe and only then make some serious decisions.

You and your spouse definitely hope for something, share your ideas about it. You need to set some financial goals for your family. Once it's done make plans for achieving them.

Make sure that none of you is totally responsible for the financial burden. You both contribute to your financial goal and aware of the costs of the bills. Even if one of you earns less, then find a way to pitch in. Make two of you a financial team and understand feelings of each other.

One money talk is not enough for you to solve all problems. Check in with each other to see how the things are going on with your finances. Are you both pleased with the amount of spending and saving? If yes, then money issues will not bring your relations to bankruptcy.



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