6 Signs Your Smartphone Is Ruining Your Marriage

6 Signs Your Smartphone Is Ruining Your MarriageModern technology is very helpful, but a lot of people tend to overuse it, letting gadgets take over their lives. We feel helpless without our smartphones and spend so much time scrolling through social media apps or playing games that our nearest and dearest start feeling neglected. Here are six signs your smartphone is ruining your marriage.

Sign #1. Checking your smartphone is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before going to bed. This is an utterly wrong thing to do. When you're married, kissing your spouse is the thirst thing you should do in the morning and the last thing you should do before going to bed. If you reach for your phone before reaching for your spouse, there is something wrong with your relationship.

Sign #2. You let your smartphone interrupt sex. Even when you're in the middle of having sex, you pause to answer a call or read text messages. Is it really so important that it can't wait? We doubt that it is so. Whoever is calling or texting you can wait. If you find your smartphone more important and fascinating than sex with your partner, you've got problems.

Sign #3. You are constantly communicating with your spouse via text. Of course, in some situations (for example, when you're both at work and don't have time to make a phone call) texting is the most appropriate way of communication. But texting your spouse when they are in the other room is not okay. Fighting via text is not a good thing to do either: moods and emotions can be misinterpreted through text. If you have a disagreement, wait until you can solve it face to face instead of exchanging angry texts.

Sign #4. You'd rather spend time on your phone than with your spouse. How much quality time do you spend with your husband or wife (“quality” being the key word)? Is it more or less than the time you typically spend on your phone? If your answer is “less”, you have your priorities screwed up. Remember that sitting next to each other on the couch engrossed in your smartphones is not a quality pastime with your partner.

Sign #5. It's destroying boundaries between your personal and professional life. When you head home at the end of the working day, you need to leave all work-related issues behind the closed office doors. If you're constantly checking work emails at home, your job will eventually start killing your marriage. We are sure that your superiors will find a way to contact you if there is an urgent issue to be resolved, so stop bringing your work home.

Sign #6. You've installed Tinder (or any other dating app). You're telling yourself that you're just curious. Of course you are not going to really use it and have an affair! But let us ask you a question: have you told your spouse about the app? If you're afraid that your partner is going to find out, maybe your intentions are not so innocent after all.



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