7 Ways to Feel Better After a Bad Breakup

7 Ways to Feel Better After a Bad BreakupYou've met a right guy who is totally perfect for you, but there's one big problem, that makes you feel so bad. He doesn't want to be with you, and now you think that you will never be able to find love again. You're wrong here, and we're going to tell you about 7 ways to feel better after a bad breakup.

#1: Take a hot shower. A long and hot shower will make you feel much better, no matter how miserable you feel right now. If you love soaking in a bathtub, then go for it, because it gives the same result. Water really washes away all our negative emotions and feelings, so use it anytime when you feel miserable.

#2: Grab a drum. You even can't imagine how helpful drumming can be for relaxation. Keeping to the beat and drumming out your feelings will help you process grieve and feel much better about yourself. If you don't happen to have drums at home or doesn't know anyone who can lend you them, then join a drumming circle.

#3: Play with your pet. If you have a pet, then it's high time to play with it more. Different studies have shown, that pets reduce stress almost as well as a significant other. If you don't have a pet, then volunteer to walk dogs or offer your friends help to take care of their pets.

#4: Clean the house. When you can't get rid of constant thoughts about your misery and grief, then start cleaning your house. We're not talking about vacuum-cleaning and dusting, that you do on a regular basis. It's time to start general cleaning. By the way, cleaning your house is the first step to unstuck from your past and start moving forward.

#5 Eat. Eating certain foods can make you feel much better, so why don't you indulge into something tasty? Well, we have to warn you, that it's not an ice-cream, that you should eat, unless you want to gain a couple of pounds and then work them out in a gym. We're talking about healthy food, like dark chocolate, turkey, green vegetables, bananas, tea and walnuts. These foods will make you feel better.

#6: Meet your friends. Meeting your friends will help you survive a bad breakup. They won't leave you alone, that's why let your friends help you, if they want to. And always remember, that you're still loved by wonderful people!

#7 Delete everything that is connected with him. It's time to cut your social media ties with your ex. Stop following him and unfriend him. Also delete his phone number and his email address. Never keep social connection after a breakup, because it's one more reminder about your failed relationship.



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