What to Do If You Have No Friends

What to Do If You Have No FriendsEvery person needs socializing, otherwise the feeling of loneliness will always follow us everywhere. However, at some point you understand, that you have no close friends, only people of acquaintance. These tips will help you find out what to do, if you have no friends.

The problem of having no friends isn't so rare, as you might think. Actually one in ten faces the same problem. And it doesn't mean that these people are introverts. Extroverts also feel lonely, because they make too many acquaintances and don't know whom to prefer.

There are many reasons why people have no friends. Something might have happened, that made you look at friends in a new way. Or you've moved to another city or country. There are no old connections, and making new ones is very hard. It was so simple to make friends when you were a child, but now it seems to be the hardest task ever. Cheer up, you can learn it once again!

Finding new interests is the key to meeting new people. It actually doesn't matter what you want to do, however, sociable hobbies are preferable. Bookworms are not likely to find many friends. Anyway, try to master your new hobby and find several groups of your interest, who meet on a regular basis. You need to meet these people, your common interest will help you start conversation. And if you're an interesting person and not too shy to go out and talk to strangers, you will find many friends.

Everything you need to do is keep conversation going. Ask questions, listen and try to avoid those uncomfortable moments of silence. If you find a common ground, it will guarantee that people will be eager to talk to you.

After making new friends you need to create your own social circle. You can do it by introducing your new friends to each other. Think of any special occasion when you can do it and invite all of them.

When you have your own social circle, you can enjoy the great experience it gives you. Your friends will start introduce new people and you won't be alone any longer!

In case you fail to create your own social circle, don't get too upset about it. Don't think that people find you boring or you're a total loser. Relax and enjoy the time that you have to spend on your own. Reconnect with your family or find relatives you didn't know about. Write letters to them and be kind.

You can also start making pen-pals in social media. They give you an opportunity to find new friends who live far from you. Start your blog and share your thoughts with the world about something that you're passionate about. Look for people who share the similar interests or views with you, and it will be the first step to find new friends.



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