Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Winter WeddingWinter is not the most popular season for weddings, mostly due to the cold weather in many regions. Nevertheless, quite a lot of couples opt for getting married in winter for a number of reasons. What are the pros and cons of a winter wedding?


Discounts. Since winter is probably the least popular wedding season, many vendors offer sizable discounts, so you will be able to significantly reduce your wedding budget. If you save money on the wedding planning, you will be able to invest more into a honeymoon in some warm country.

It's easier to find vendors. Most wedding planners, photographers, caterers, DJs, MCs, florists, and other wedding vendors have less tight schedules in winter, so you will have a wider choice of vendors. Most venues aren't booked out either, so there will be more venue options as well.

Nice decorations. Despite its cold weather, winter is a very beautiful, romantic and inspiring season. You can stick to the “winter wonderland” theme and incorporate seasonal elements into your wedding décor. You can use a lot of cozy details and treat your guests to hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies. And don't forget about fairy lights, everybody loves fairy lights!

Weather. No, we don't mean that the weather is going to be good. On the contrary, there is a high probability that the weather will be cold, windy and/or snowy. But look at it this way: if you expect the weather to be bad, you will be prepared. You will pick an appropriate venue, plan your wardrobe accordingly, etc.


Scheduling. It might seem that it's easier to pick a date for a winter wedding. However, you should keep in mind that winter is holiday season. We recommend that you don't schedule your wedding around one of winter holidays, such as Christmas, New Year's Day or Valentines Day, because some people will inevitably have holiday plans and hence won't be able to attend your wedding.

Traveling. If you invite out of town guests, some of them might be late or even cancel at the last minute because of flight delays due to the bad weather. And some people are simply unwilling to travel during winter.

Limited outdoor pictures. Even if the weather turns out okay (not too cold and sunny), you might not be able to make as many outdoor pictures as you want because the sun sets much earlier in winter (and you might not be able to hold your ceremony early enough because of the above-mentioned travel issues).

You might not be able to get the wedding bouquet of your dreams. Of course it is possible to get almost any kind of flowers even in winter, but you will have to pay a lot to have your flowers shipped in from warmer areas. Besides, some flowers clash with the “winter wonderland” wedding theme.



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