How to Become Friends With Your New Neighbors

How to Become Friends With Your New NeighborsBecoming friends with neighbors sounds so natural, because these people surround you and will help you when you're in need. However, when we move to another location, becoming friends with neighbors is the last thing we think about. Don't miss the chance and use our tips on how to become friends with your new neighbors.

The first step is the hardest, because everyone is afraid of looking ridiculous in their attempts to become friends with the neighbors. But staying inside the house is also no good, so if you want to know people who live near you, go outside and start visiting the same coffee shops, bakeries or laundries frequently. Your face will become familiar, and it will be easier for you to say “hi” to the same people a few times. If you want to start conversation with any of them, go to compliments.

Everyone likes compliments and talking about oneself. Remember about it when you start conversation with one of your neighbors. Find something that attracts you in your neighbor – a lovely puppy, child or bright necklace. This will be a starter for your conversation and you will find a common language with your neighbor.

Ask or offer assistance or information to your neighbors. If you're a new arrival here and want to meet your neighbors, then ask them for more information or help. The people who live here for a long time can use this technique too. Come to offer your help or provide some information, and it's more likely that next time your neighbors will come to you.

Don't annoy your neighbors, unless you want to make enemies. Keep an eye on things you do that possibly could bother one of your neighbors. There are many things that may be OK for you, but annoy others, including letting your dog, cat or children run around others' yards, playing music too loud and having loud parties, walking around your yard without proper clothing, not keeping up your house or yard.

Treat your neighbors with homemade baked goods. It sounds like an old-fashioned cliché, but it really works. If you want to greet your new neighbors, you may bake cookies or a special pie. It's not the pastry that will make you friends with neighbors, but a simple gesture laying behind it. If you're not very good at baking, think about other small gifts, that would please your new neighbors: a basket of flowers, a small gift basket, movie tickets, letting your neighbors know about the sale in a local shop, seedlings or small plants for the garden etc.

You see that there are many ways to become friends with your neighbors. Just make the first move!



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