7 Tips for Meeting Guys at Bars

7 Tips for Meeting Guys at BarsBars aren't generally considered the best place for meeting good men because most guys go to bars to get laid. However, single guys that go to bars to meet potential girlfriends do exist, and there's always the chance you could meet one of them. Here are some tips for meeting guys at bars.

Pick a good bar. First and foremost, you need to choose the right bar to go to. There are different kinds of bars that attract different crowds. Rowdy and noisy bars crowded with the party-going types are bad places to meet a good guy. If you're looking for a boyfriend, opt for low-key bars where people go for a peaceful drink.

Timing is important. You also need to pick the right day and time. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are considered great nights to hit up a bar and meet guys. On these days, many guys go to a bar to chill after work, but bars are less crowded than on weekends.

As far as time is concerned, you will hardly meet a good guy after midnight. The guys that make good boyfriends usually hit the bar for happy hour and call it a night before ten because they don't want to come to work with a hangover.

Dress sexy but classy. Of cause you want to dress to impress, but your clothes shouldn't be too skimpy. If you dress too suggestively, men will think you're looking for casual sex. It's okay if you're really looking for nothing more than just a hookup. But if you go to a bar looking for a boyfriend, make sure you look presentable.

Avoid regulars. If a guy seems to know all bartenders and be a fixture in this bar, he is not boyfriend material. Regulars are definitely not looking for a girlfriend, they're here to hook up. Or get wasted. Or get wasted and then hook up.

Put down your phone. A lot of women are afraid to approach guys they like. It's perfectly okay to be shy. But if you want to meet Mr. Right, you should at least make yourself approachable. So put down your cellphone, focus on people around you and smile. If you've come to a bar with a gal pal, don't become too engrossed in the conversation.

Don't get wasted. Yes, a bar is a place where people get alcoholic drinks, but there's a difference between having a drink to relax and getting smashed. Too much alcohol may lead to drunken hookups, terrible hangovers and (if you're really unlucky) STIs and/or unwanted pregnancy.

Don't be desperate. Even if you've been going through a dry spell for a long time, you don't have to settle for the first guy that has approached you. Have some self-respect! If you don't seem to hit it off with a guy, don't waste your time on him. And don't give up if you haven't met anyone the first time you went to a bar. Maybe you've chosen the wrong bar. Maybe today isn't your day. Next time will be better.



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