How to Make Friends at University or College

How to Make Friends at University or CollegeYour school is over and you move further, and although studying at university is exciting, you begin life without the people you've known for ages. And what if you don't find any friends? Will you have to suffer the absence of social life till the end of the course? No, unless you know, how to make friends at university.

College life is a perfect ground to find new friends. You might spot some people, who seem to feel free and till the end of the third day known half of the campus. Yes, there are such individuals, but they are minority. The majority feels awkward and they are worried about their classes and social life as well as you are. So don't get too shy and start making new friends. Some people are eager to meet you, you just need to find them.

You can't make friends if you don't make any efforts. During the first weeks it's absolutely normal to try to speak to people you don't know. And if you're afraid to start a conversation on the campus ground, choose some smaller areas, for example your floor in residence. Knock on the doors and try to start a conversation. If you can't find anything to talk about with your neighbors, then ask them to join you in any sport game. By the way, don't forget about the equipment, if you want to use this trick.

Hang around several groups, but don't give a priority to any of them. It's natural, that some people fall off the group, and this can be you. If you feel like you don't want to meet these people any more, you always have a choice with other groups.

Meeting new people in your class is the easiest way to make friends. And there are so many opportunities for you! You can be assigned to do a group work, so don't miss a chance to talk to these people. Chat with them and others from your course before or after a class.

During the first week in college or university try not to miss different events for freshers. Of course, the first week is already full of everything and partying sounds crazy, but you need to push your comfort zones. These events are usually organized by senior students, so they make sure, that everyone here feels included. If you still can't make yourself to chat with other peers, then talk to seniors to get into a talkative mood. When you feel better, you may want to talk to new people.

By the way, don't think that all parties for freshers will be pub crawls. The universities realize, that not every students are allowed to drink, that's why the seniors try to accommodate them with non-party activities. If there are no such activities, you don't have to drink alcohol to participate. You can always take some Coca Cola or Red Bull and have fun with others.

If you're not a clubbing person, then don't miss a chance to join a few clubs or activities. Here you can meet different people with alike interests and you already known what to talk about with them.

Don't be embarrassed if you came to university and still have no friends. Sometimes it's very hard to find them. And don't try to make all people at campus like you, this won't help you find true friends. Just look around and see if someone responds your attempts to make friends with. And if you feel that you make too many efforts to make friends and still no luck, then the surrounding people just don't deserve to be friends with you.



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