5 Signs Your Partner Is Lying to You

5 Signs Your Partner Is Lying to YouPeople lie all the time, because small lies such as “I'm really okay” or “I didn't hear my phone ring” are still lies. The more little lies we tell, the more deceptive we become. The habit of telling lies can be destructive for a marriage, because marriage is supposed to be built on mutual trust. What are the signs your partner is lying to you?

Body language. If you've watched at least one episode of the television series Lie to Me, you know that body language (facial expressions, gestures, posture, eye movement, etc.) may indicate whether someone is telling the truth or lying.

Common signs of lying include inability to maintain eye contact, touching one's nose, covering one's palms, crossing one's legs, covering one's mouth, etc. However, any body language that is not normal for your spouse could be a sign they're lying to you. We are sure that you know your partner fairly well, so you will be able to notice when something seems off about their behavior.

Sounding a little odd. The tempo and pitch of speech usually change when a person is lying. Liars typically begin to speak slowly, trying to figure out what to say, but then their speech rate increases, and then they begin speaking faster than normal. Besides, when someone is lying, their voice may sound higher than usual.

Evasiveness. When your spouse doesn't want to outright lie to you, but doesn't want to tell the truth either, they may become evasive and avoid answering your questions. Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. Evasiveness doesn't necessarily mean bad things (maybe your spouse is just planning a surprise birthday party for you), but it is a sign that your partner is hiding something from you.

Gaslighting. The term gaslighting refers to a form of manipulation in which information is distorted in such a way that the victim starts questioning their own perception and memory. Gaslighters usually tell their victims that they are making things up (“I never said that,” “No such thing happened”) and tell them to stop being paranoid. Gaslighting is a form of mental abuse, and if you suspect that you are being gaslighted, you should put an end to it.

Accusations. May liars think that the best defense is a good offense, so if your spouse is constantly accusing you of lying, they are probably hiding something from you. The goal of their accusations is to divert attention from their own lie. Interestingly, many liars really believe that they are lied to, because they judge people by themselves.



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