6 Lies You Should Never Tell Your Spouse

6 Lies You Should Never Tell Your SpouseMost people lie from time to time. We don't necessarily mean big lies about important things. Telling people that you're okay when you're really not is also a lie. People can lie because they think it will make things easier, because they are trying to protect others, or because they are afraid to admit the truth. Be that as it may, even small lies can ruin your marriage because they undermine trust. Here are six lies you should never tell your spouse.

“I don't care.” Hearing that you don't care about your spouse's opinions, feelings, or thoughts will make them feel disrespected, even if deep down they know that you do care. Telling your partner that you don't care won't help you solve a problem or diffuse an argument, it will only make resentment grow between the two of you.

“I'm busy.” So, you tell your spouse that you're busy working/studying/doing whatever important stuff you need to do because you don't want to cook dinner, pick your kid up from school, or spend time with your partner right now. Your spouse will pick up the pattern sooner or later, and it will make them feel used. If you don't want to do something or need some alone time, just say so. We're sure your spouse will understand.

“I was too busy to...” Sometimes people forget to do things. It's okay because no one is perfect. What is not okay is lying about forgetting to keep your promise. If you forgot to go to the bank or do laundry, just admit it and say you're sorry. Don't pretend that you have been too busy to do such mundane things.

“I don't feel good.” A lot of people (both women and men) use feeling bad as an excuse not to go out, not to have sex, etc. “It's a white lie”, they think. “It's okay to tell white lies.” No, it's not a white lie. And no, it's not okay to lie to your spouse about your health. They care about your health and well-being and you make them worry when there is nothing to worry about.

“You're great in bed.” Well, if you partner is really great in bed, then it's not a lie. But if you're not satisfied with your sex life, you need to be able to address the problem in a delicate way. Pretending that everything is okay won't make the problem go away. Sex is a two-way street, and if one of the partners never enjoys it, the relationship is definitely unhealthy.

“I hate you.” We don't think that you will intentionally hurt your spouse by telling them you hate them, but people can say really hurtful things in the heat of an argument without actually meaning them. Sometimes you might feel like you really hate your spouse, but you know that it's not true. So even when you are having a huge fight, you should watch your language and avoid saying things you will regret later.



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