7 Signs That Your Wife Is Having an Affair

7 Signs That Your Wife Is Having an AffairYou think that you've found the woman of your life. You love and adore her, she's a good wife, but suddenly you've noticed that she behaves strange. Is she cheating on you? These 7 signs that your wife is having an affair will help you figure out whether it's truth or not.

#1 Her phone calls. The very first thing that you might notice is that your wife has changed her usual behavior concerning phone calls. She might go out of the room, when someone is calling her or to make a call. She calls more often or her voice changes during the conversation. Whenever you ask your wife who's that been, she might give you vague answers.

Also look at her behavior with the phone. Your wife might never leave her phone when you're around. It's because you can find the calls or messages that your wife doesn’t want you to see.

#2 Her girlfriends. The changes in her social life also might be a sign that you're being cheated. Does your wife go out with her girlfriends more often then it was earlier? You should become very suspicious in case your wife didn't have any social life before and now she seems to enjoy it. Ask your wife about your girlfriends and where they went, you're surely to receive an insincere answer.

#3 Her scent. Ask yourself, whether your wife has ever smelled of different cologne? The smell might be more masculine then her usual perfume and it's nothing like yours. May be she's wearing a new scent that she never applies at home. The new scent might be not your wife's, but her lover's.

#4 Drinking outside. One more sign that your wife might have an affair is that she's drinking outside more then usual, or she chooses unusual time for it. Anything that is connected with bad habits, that your wife never had before, should make you suspicious. Did you smell cigarettes, while your wife doesn't smoke? Did she use drugs? If you see some bad influence on your wife, she might have a painter in crime.

#5 Eye contact. Being truthful means that you're able to look into your partners eyes at any time. If you have to lie all the time, you can't make eye contact. Look at your wife, is she avoiding looking your straight in the eye?

#6 Sexual deviations. Sexual deviations may also give you hint that your wife is cheating on you. Do you have less sex then usual, because your wife is tired or has no mood? It may be because she had hot sex during daytime with another man. However, everything may seem the other way round. She's longing for sex with you because she was turned on by sexting or phone call from another man.

#7 She's extra nice with you. Your wife feels guilty because she's cheating on you, that's why she tries to show you that she loves you. Everything she does to please you is exaggerated: she sends you “I love you” cards for no reason at all, spends time with you watching sport games and you know she hates them. Her gestures may seem to be sweet to you, but overloading you with her niceties may give you a hint what's really going on.

These are the most common signs that your wife has an affair. However, she might not show all of them. If you notice only one sign, then it's the reason to think more. But several signs together really mean that something unfair to you is going on.



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