Why Keeping Secrets From Your Spouse Destroys Your Marriage

Why Keeping Secrets From Your Spouse Destroys Your MarriageLife of every person is full of secrets, that others doesn’t have to know. Keeping secrets is natural, but some people really deserve to know what you're hiding from everyone. This is your spouse, whom you have to trust everything. If you still keep secrets from your spouse, then we will tell you how it can destroy your marriage.

There are many reasons why people keep secrets from their spouses. Some think that their spouses can't handle the truth and it will just ruin their relations. Others believe, that telling the truth will only make the things worse than they are now. Sometimes their fears really have reasonable grounds.

What can be a secret from your spouse? In fact, anything, ranging from your real attitude to your spouse's mother and the way you spend your money. However, there are some things that really can destroy your marriage, if they are kept in secret. Among them are emotional or physical affairs, children from previous relations, sexual abuse, health problems, sexually transmitted diseases, large debts, bankruptcies, credit issues, criminal past, hidden feelings, secret friendship and any kind of addiction.

Your spouse deserves to known everything about any of the things mentioned above in order to keep your marriage. If one of your fails, then revealing skeletons in the closet might be very hurtful to the other partner. Moreover, your partner won't feel secure with you and won't be able to trust you any more.

If you're still not convinced that keeping secrets from your spouse is really a bad idea, then here are five more another reasons for you to read.

1. You will feel better without secrets from your spouse. Most of us regard keeping secrets to be akin to lying. And only if you don't try to save someone's life by lying, then your dishonesty isn't acceptable.

2. Keeping secret is a form of deceit, and the more time passes, the harder it becomes to tell the truth.

3. It's hard to regain trust in a person, who is dishonest with the spouse. Moreover, your behavior affects your spouse and might become the reason, why they don't trust other people as well as you.

4. Openness promotes trust and honesty in your marriage, while keeping secrets may lead to betrayal. How would you feel if your spouse betrayed you?

5. Lying hurts people and they estrange themselves from the liars. Emotional connection is barely possible with liars.

Truth is always much better then lie. People who think that keeping secret is one of the ways to survive in their relationship, are very weak and they lack confidence in their ability to confront unpleasant topics. They also don't feel that their partner really loves them, that's why it's their way to protect their own interests. However, this way is wrong and disastrous for your relations.



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