How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level in 4 Steps

How to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level in 4 StepsYou've been dating for several happy and fun months or even a couple of years, but your relations stay at the same level, you both as a couple seem to have no progress. And although many romantic relations naturally evolve into something bigger, like getting engaged, your needs to be pushed forward. We've prepared 4 steps for you how to take your relations to the next level.

You and your partner need a frank conversation about how both of you see yourself as a couple. And while you understand it, you're afraid to start it, because it might scare him off. At the same time you can't postpone the conversation for no longer than 3-4 months, otherwise it will be bring you only resentment and the whole world of hurt. So this is what you should do in order to take your relations to the next level.

Step 1: define what's the next level mean. You want your relations to go further, to the next level, but what does it mean to you exactly? Is it living together or getting engaged? Or, maybe, it's just blending your lives more. While you think that any changes in relations might scare your second half off, mostly men are afraid of commitment and bonding their whole life with one partner only. So if your next level is not so scary to your partner, the outcome of the conversation will really surprise you.

Step 2: choose the right place. Now it's time to choose the place for the conversation. It's better to be a neutral territory, like a beach, a restaurant, or even your own home. Never start serious conversations on your man's territory. He will start protecting himself and his home (that is his cave and domain), that's why you'd better stay away from there.

Step 3: start the conversation. Talk, talk and talk. Start the conversation when you see that your partner is relaxed and isn't busy with anything. Make sure that the TV or computer is off, so nothing can distract you. Tell your partner exactly what you want and how you see your relations. Don't tell things you think your partner would like to hear or what may scare him. You never know what your partner thinks and wants, so talk about yourself only.

Step 4: give him some time. You've had your conversation, and now you have to wait for the outcome. You never know what it will be, so get ready for anything. You might really go to the next level or your partner will leave you. Even if it's the second way, be grateful for this, because you save months and even years that you could lose for the wrong person. And while you're waiting for the outcome, treat your partner like it was before. Don't give any ultimatums or coerce your second half to do what you want. Men usually need more time to think things over and make decision. But let it be only his decision, not yours.



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