6 Reasons Your Childhood Friends Are the Best

6 Reasons Your Childhood Friends Are the BestThere are a lot of people who don't keep in touch with their childhood friends. And it is okay because it is normal for people to grow apart as they become older. But while it is okay, it is also very sad because friends from childhood are unlike any other. If your childhood friends are still around, you're a really lucky person. Here are six reasons your childhood friends are the best.

Reason #1. You've seen each other at your worst. They were around during some of your most embarrassing moments and still wanted to be your friend. Your survived middle school and went through puberty together, struggling through awkward stages, first crushes, and teenage obsessions. If you managed to go through all of it and remain friends, your friendship will probably last forever.

Reason #2. You're honorary members of each other's families. You've spend so much time at each other's homes when you were children that your parents basically treat your friend as their adoptive child, and so do your friend's parents. Whenever your family has a family event, your childhood best friend is automatically invited, and vice versa. You're like siblings that have been brought up by two sets of parents.

Reason #3. They're okay with your weird quirks. While a lot of people may find some of your quirks and habits weird and annoying, your childhood friends think they are endearing or at least tolerable. You don't have explain anything to them like you do to your new friends, because they've known it, like, forever.

Reason #4. Even if you haven't seen each other for ages, you pick up right where you left off. Your childhood friends aren't going to always be around. People typically part ways with their friends from childhood when they leave for college and start living an adult life. But if you keep in touch with them, your meetings will never be awkward. When you visit each other or reunite in your hometown, it will seem as if no time has passed at all.

Reason #5. Fights can't ruin your friendship. When you're a kid, fights are easy: you have a fight with your friend, sulk for about five minutes and then play with them as if nothing happened. Most kids don't hold grudges for long and easily forget about disagreements. If you've managed to keep this habit as you grow up, you can work through any fight with your childhood friends.

Reason #6. You have a lot of hilarious memories together. Whether you need awesome #TBT material or want to get nostalgic about the good times, your childhood friends will come to the rescue. They will remember many things that you've already forgotten and laugh and cry with you when you reminisce about the good old days.



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