How to Keep in Touch With Your High School Friends

How to Keep in Touch With Your High School FriendsSome high school friendships turn our life long. Of course, once you're off to college you won't be able to maintain all your friendships from high school, but there surely are some friends you don't want to lose. How to keep in touch with your high school friends? Here are some tips.

Be realistic. As we've already said, it is impossible to retain all high school friendships. You will lose some of your high school friends and gain new friends in college instead. Be honest with yourself: do you really want to keep in touch with all these people or you're just feeling nostalgic? It may sound cynical, but you need to prioritize and decide which of your friends are most important to you.

Properly say goodbye to each other. Of course, you will have a formal graduation ceremony, but it is a good idea to have a get-together with your closest friends. Go out and have fun, one last hurrah before going to college (just don't do anything stupid). Don't say goodbye forever and clearly express your desire to stay in touch.

Use social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other social media are a great way to keep your high school friends updated about the ups and downs of your college life and stay informed about theirs. Don't forget to tag your friends in your posts to make sure they read them.

Use all available means of communication. Social media are kind of a passive way of keeping in touch with your friends, they often feel one-sided. Skype calls, video chats and phone calls are an important part of staying in touch with your high school friends. If you don't have enough time for a call, use IM, text messages or email to communicate. Sending your friends handwritten letters, postcards and small gifts is an excellent way to show that your care.

Don't get easily offended when your friends don't contact your for a long time. The first months of college are hectic, no wonder most freshmen forget to talk to their friends and even their families. Sometimes it is perfectly OK to not talk for some time, especially when you are busy. If you are feeling neglected, contact your friends first. We are sure they will be glad to hear from you!

Use the opportunities to get together. When you get back your hometown during breaks, find some time to meet your friends who are in town. It doesn't need to be a group thing, you can have coffee with each of them separately, just make sure you meet and catch up. Don't neglect the opportunities your high school offers such as homecoming events or football games, visit your friends and invite them to visit you, spend vacations together.

Don't force it. Not all high school friendships are able to turn into adult ones. Sometimes people just grow apart and become too different to be friends anymore. If your friendship starts feeling one-sided and forced, you need to accept it and move on. Being too hung up on your high school friendships might prevent you from making new friends in college, so it is very important to find the balance between old and new friendships.



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