How to Keep in Touch With College Friends After Graduation

How to Keep in Touch With College Friends After GraduationWhen you go to college, you meet a lot of amazing people and make many new friends. Some of your college friendships have the potential to be lifelong, but you need to put some effort into maintaining relationships with your college friends after you graduate. How to keep in touch with college friends after graduation?

It is easy to hang out with friends in college. You spend most of your time on campus, share some classes, maybe even live in the same dorm. You have your favorite coffee shop and attend the same parties. As soon as you graduate, it becomes harder to find time for one another, especially if you live in different cities. However, it is possible to remain friends. Here are some tips on how to maintain your friendship.

Make the most of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter can help you keep your friends posted about your life. Get into the habit of tagging your friends in your posts and tweets and sending them pictures, videos, or articles you think they might like. It will show them that you care. If you had a close-knit group of friends in college, you should consider creating a Facebook group to stay in touch. And don't forget about the existence of group texts and emails.

Schedule weekly phone calls or Skype dates. Social media is good, but actually talking to your friends is even better. It is always nice to hear your friend's voice and chat with them. Using Skype is better because it allows you to see your friends face-to-face, but if you can't use Skype for some reason, a phone call will do.

Send letters and postcards. Postcards and letters might seem old-fashioned, but it is always nice to see your friend's handwriting and realize that they've taken time to write and send a letter.

Inform your friends about important events in your life. Of course, they check out your Facebook wall, Instagram photos, and Twitter feed, but when you tell them such things yourself, your remind them that they still are important people in your life.

Arrange meet ups and reunions. You can go back to your alma mater for big events, like homecoming or football games, make trips, throw parties, plan vacations together. The point is to get together, reminisce about good old times, and make new happy memories. When you travel to a city where a college friend is working, don't forget to call them and arrange a meeting.

Don't be afraid to reconnect. Sometimes we get so caught up in our everyday life that we lose touch with friends despite all the efforts. However, you should not be afraid to reconnect with them if you feel you miss them. If they really are your friends, they will be happy to hear from you.



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