How to Treat Your Spouse in Public

How to Treat Your Spouse in PublicA healthy marriage is based on mutual respect. Unfortunately, a lot of people forget about treating their spouse with respect when they're out in public socializing with other people. No one is perfect, and even if you do respect your spouse, sometimes is it so hard to refrain from making a negative comment or sarcastic remark. If you want your marriage to be happy and healthy, you need to know how to treat your spouse in public.

Don't complain about them publicly. Every couple has disagreements every now and then, and every person has their shortcomings because no one is perfect. But that doesn't mean you have the right to complain about your spouse and their flaws publicly. Keep it private. By openly criticizing your spouse you are ruining their public image. If you want other people to respect your partner, you should set an example.

Don't make jokes at their expense. There is a thin line between a harmless joke and a hurtful joke. Even if your joke seems harmless and funny to you, that doesn't mean your spouse will take it well. So never say anything that might embarrass and humiliate your partner. Good-natured teasing is okay, but if you realize that your joke made your spouse uncomfortable, immediately acknowledge your mistake and apologize in front of the people that heard it.

Respect your privacy. There are some things that should remain between the two of you, such as private jokes and details of your sex life. Remember that a lady or a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell! Oversharing will embarrass both your partner and the people you are talking to. The problem is that different people may have different concepts of privacy, so we recommend that you discuss the list of the no-no topics in advance.

Don't interrupt them. Some couples are so close and know each other so well that they finish each other's sentences. It's actually very cute. But finishing each other's sentences when you're on the same wavelength is not the same as interrupting your spouse. When your partner is talking, let them talk. If you have something to say on the matter, wait until they finish and then talk.

Treat your spouse the same way you want them to treat you. It's the basic rule of human communication. If you want your partner to treat you with respect, you should learn to respect them. Don't tease your partner if you don't like to be teased. Don't laugh at them if you don't like to be laughed at. It's really that simple. When you're in public, treat your partner with the appreciation and respect they deserve.



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