7 Signs That You're Ready to Be Friends With Your Ex

7 Signs That You're Ready to Be Friends With Your ExFriendship with ex may sound good to you, because you want to keep in touch with the person whom you dated and loved. Although it's really not the best idea in the world, and here we've proved why. Whether you want to break the rules or you're inspired by another couple, who got along well after breakup and became best friends, you will definitely need these 7 signs that you're ready to be friends with your ex.

#1 You don't have feelings to your ex. Let's put it the right way – you have no feelings to your ex at all. Nothing like anger, jealousy, sympathy, revenge and love. You just know this person and you'd want him to be happy. If it's this way, it's likely that you are able to become friends with your ex.

#2 You're totally independent. You can possibly be friends with your ex, if you don't have feeling that you need him for some reason, whether it's cuddling or fixing your printer. You have to deal with your problems on your own. By the way, if you've already found another person to help you, it'll also go. Just make sure that you don't ask your ex to help you.

#3 You don't want to see him naked again. If your sexual longing for your ex is still strong and you want to become friends with him, you might end to be friends with benefits. Real friends are not supposed to think about each other in sexual ways. If it's on mind of any of you, your friendship is not likable.

#4 You're not freaking out if your ex already dates someone else. It depends only on you how much time you will need to start new relations, but don't think that your ex will go the same way as you do. Your ex might already date someone new. And if these news don't make your freak out, then you're probably able to become friends.

# 5 Your ex can handle your new relationship. It's the extension of the previous sign. You've moved further and your ex stays calm about it, well, congratulations, your friendship is possible.

#6 You both have boundaries and respect them. It's connected with your unexpected impulses towards your ex. For instance, you're hanging at the movie theater and you want to cuddle with your ex. Or you want to talk about your romantic or sexual exploits together. If you don't have such impulses, it's good. Now you have your own boundaries and you never cross them, because you respect them.

#7 Your new relations succeeded. You're now embarked on a new relationship and it's already successful. Your current partner knows about your ex and feels comfortable with it. And you know that your ex is just ex. Well, it's a great time to be friends with him, because your past life won't threaten your current love.



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