5 Perks of Being Friends With Your Ex

5 Perks of Being Friends With Your ExIn most cases, staying friends with your ex is not a good idea for many reasons. However, if you are absolutely sure you both have completely moved on and there are no hard feelings, you can try to be friends. Friendship with an ex has a number of perks. What are they?

He gets you. Your ex knows who your really are, he gets your quirks and reads your mind. It takes people much time to get to know one another in order to build a strong friendship, and you and your ex already known each other so well! You just need to keep it platonic and refrain from being jealous in order to make this work.

It is a chance to build a new relationship from scratch. No, we are not talking about a romantic relationship. Dating your ex is still a bad idea, not matter how much time has passed since your breakup. We mean that you can forget about past misunderstandings and make a friend you can rely on. The important thing here is to never bring up your romantic past. Act like you've never dated.

Having a male friend is great. Hanging out with female friends is fun, but sometimes you need a male prospective from a man you are not dating. However, having a male friend is dangerous because he might fall for you or you might fall for him, which will be super uncomfortable. When you are friends with your ex, you don't need to be afraid of falling for each other because you've already been through this.

You can spend time with your mutual friends. Hanging out with mutual friends after a breakup will be awkward. Some of them will feel like they need to choose sides, some will try their best to spend time with each of you separately. If you become friends with your ex, you will be able to attend parties, dinners, movie nights and other get-togethers without it being uncomfortable for anyone.

Congratulations, your an adult! If you are able to be friends with your ex, it means that your relationship was mature, and you are both adults who are able to get over their past and build a friendship with their ex without it being weird. Emotional maturity is very important, and if you have it, it will make your life a lot easier in many areas.

One thing you must keep in mind: if you want to be friends after breaking up with someone, you need to wait. It will never work out if you try to become friends right after the breakup, when you haven't moved on yet and are confused about your own feelings. You must have no romantic feelings and/or residual sexual chemistry when you start building your friendship.



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