How to Be a Great Wingwoman for Your Male Friend

How to Be a Great Wingwoman for Your Male FriendEverybody knows who a wingman is. According to Urban Dictionary, he is “a guy you bring along with you on singles outings that helps you out with the women”. But did you know that some men prefer to bring their female friends along? If your male friend asked you to be help him find a girl, our tips for being a great wingwoman might come in handy.

Tip #1. Make sure you have no feelings for the guy. Is he really just a friend? If you secretly want to date him, don't become his wingwoman. The fact that he asked you to clearly demonstrates that he's not attracted to you romantically and/or sexually. You don't want to walk out the bar heartbroken, do you?

Tip #2. Make it absolutely clear that you two are not a couple. Don't stand too close to him and avoid casual touching. If you're in a group, remain a few people apart. When you are having a conversation, don't let yourself be consumed by it. Scan the crowd for girls he might like while he is talking. It will show that you're not very interested in him.

Tip #3. Approach girls and strike up a conversation. Just don't mention the guy at the very beginning. Make the conversation about her. Compliment her shoes or dress in a friendly manner. Once you've hit it off, you can bring her to your group of friends and give the guy a chance to introduce himself.

Tip #4. Make it absolutely clear that you two are not a couple. Yes, once more. Of course, you shouldn't be too straightforward not to scare the girl off. Just casually mention your boyfriend even if you don't have one. “Oh, John just texted me, I might need to head out in half an hour” or something like that. If she doesn't look convinced and your friend is looking for a hook up, not for a girlfriend, you can lie and tell you're his sister.

Tip #5. Let him lead, but don't disappear. Let the guy lead the conversation and don't dominate. He's the actor, you're his spotlight. He's the quarterback, you're his cheerleader. A good wingwoman knows when to join the conversation in order to prevent awkward silence, how to subtly direct it and when to blend into the background. Make the conversation about him, but don't share too much information about your friend. Present him in the best possible light, but don't make it look like you're interested in him.

Tip #6. Know when to bow out. When you are sure they don't need you anymore, excuse yourself and go get a drink. You have every right to celebrate because you're a damn good wingwoman.



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